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What are we up to ?
Retail locations for pickups and  browsing: Bridgeport Saturdays 9-1; Fairhaven Friday & Saturday 10-3. Contact us for details.

Barns - We have looked at barns for possible deconstruction, in East Windsor, Somers, Enfield, Prospect, Westport, Norwalk, Milford and Durham. 
We are waiting for final word on most of these. These are essentially non paying jobs, so in order to pay for the materials recovery we need to sell the materials. Here is a sample of some of the materials we could potentially recover:


West Haven - House on First Avenue- still lining this up.
Oak floors, doors, radiators and more

Materials continue to be recovered from this c. 1830 plank house in Union, Ct.. 

removal begets:


From West Haven:A "beach house". We've started the interior and are almost ready ( this week) for the structure to be taken apart.
From a barn in Hamden: 1x6 t&g beadboard



Thousands of square feet of c. 1900 tin ceilings, walls and moldings.  We need buyers up front to finance this huge haul. Contact us.

Live Edge hardwood

Not antique but useful nonetheless. And locally harvested. Yes we like old stuff but sustainability is the bottom line and local production and use is sustainable.  Loads of square stock 1x and 2x, as well as live edge slabs up to 3 inches thick. We have some ready to go at 3-4 years air dried. 

Gift cards come in 10,20. & 50 dollar amounts.

Fully insured, 

Ct. Class B Demolition License Ct. #2013

Phone: (203) 287-0852