United NWI
NWI’s diversity is celebrated, and we work together as a community across racial, ethnic, political and cultural lines for the mutual benefit of the region.

The COVID-19 pandemic could never have been fully anticipated in any long-range plan, yet Northwest Indiana is coming together to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances --  just as it has weathered many other storms in its history. Now more than ever is it important for the region to realize one of the key vision components of NWI 2050: to be a region that is united
NIRPC, as the regional Council of Governments for Northwest Indiana, has been gathering together key resources with the goal of helping our region get through this together. 
Tracking the spread of COVID-19 -- and the areas where our most vulnerable populations are located -- can be key to mobilizing resources quickly. NIRPC’s new COVID-19 Dashboard for Northwest Indiana localizes COVID-19 data to Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties and is continually updated. 
On NIRPC’s new COVID-19 Resource Page , some of the most relevant resources to Northwest Indiana for prevention and recovery have been collected onto one page. Grouped according to assistance offered to our region’s local governments, residents, and businesses , this page also links to some key sites for tracking COVID-19 so your communities can be prepared...and respond quickly. 
In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, NIRPC’s physical offices are currently closed, but NIRPC staff is working remotely in a virtual environment, continuing our responsibilities among this crisis and available to assist you in any way that we can. We’re in it with you as we stay united for the future of the region.
Economy and Place
Interesting News!

Coronavirus-preemptive social distancing is not slowing Northwest Indiana's plans to create more livable communities!

NIRPC staff were recently featured in an article in the NWI Business Times about the potential development opportunities near new rail stations in the Region.

The benefits of the South Shore Line’s new rail expansions are not limited only to commuters.

The expansions mean new development and retail opportunities for communities and businesses along the proposed West Lake Corridor and Double Track stations. 

For more information click here .
Transportation Network Climate & Extreme Weather Vulnerability

Climate projections for Indiana indicate a substantial increase in the number of days warmer than 90 degrees and precipitation levels are likewise anticipated to increase, particularly in the winter and spring months.

According to a climate change and infrastructure impacts report by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute, which you can view here; Indiana is also expected to experience an increased number of extreme weather events including flooding, heat stress, drought, and varying freeze patterns that could threaten our region's transportation system. 

NIRPC will begin with a preliminary analysis that overlays the region’s transportation network with floodplain, soils data and other pertinent information.

The intent of this analysis is to begin identifying locations of potential increased vulnerability and what extent the network may be at risk (ex. number of bridges and miles of roadway). 

Northwest Indiana is no stranger to at-grade rail crossings that prevent cars from crossing the tracks for long periods of time. NIRPC recently convened a  Rail Crossing Task Force  to explore the many facets of this challenging problem.  

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has released a new web page for the public to use as a tool when it comes to reporting blocked rail crossings.

The FRA created this tool as a way for the public to submit data that will help inform where blocked crossings are happening. The tool consists of a map with rail crossings where the user is asked five simple questions about the blocked crossing. 

Please visit FRA Blocked Crossings to learn more.

Meetings are subject to change due to COVID-19 protocol.
Technical Planning Committee (Subject to Change)
  •  April 7th
  • 10:00 AM
  • Lake Michigan Room, 6100 Southport Road Portage, IN 46368
  •  Link for more information  
  • Questions? Contact Mitch Barloga at 219-254-2518
  • Can’t make it in person? Watch it on YouTube
Funding Opportunity!
  • The Office of Community and Rural Affairs announced round 2 of the Next Level Connections Broadband Grant application. The grant is designed to promulgate access to reliable and affordable broadband service.
  • Letters of Intent are due by February 6, 2020.
  • The full application deadline is April 10, 2020
NIRPC Commission/Executive Board Meeting (Subject to Change)
  • April 16th
  • 9:00 AM
  • Lake Michigan Room, 6100 Southport Road Portage, IN 46368
  •  Link for more information
  •  Questions? Contact Candice Eklund at 219-254-2501
  • Can’t make it in person? Watch it on YouTube