I am writing to share the important news that Hospice Savannah continues to admit and care for your friends, neighbors and families throughout Bryan, Chatham Effingham, and Liberty counties.
     Shelter-In-Place Orders make it difficult for families to be with their loved ones at Hospice House currently, so our clinical staff is caring for General Inpatients (those patients who need round-the-clock attention for serious symptom management) in their own homes or nursing home facilities.
     While we are still caring for some patients at Hospice House, we will be in homes wherever possible so that families may spend precious time together. As always, we strive to make the last few months, weeks and days as meaningful and comfortable as we can.
     Please join me in keeping our staff in your prayers and thoughts as they selflessly, compassionately and courageously continue to fulfil our mission during these difficult days. They are true heroes.
     ~Dr. Kathleen Deloach Benton
       President and CEO, Hospice Savannah, Inc.
As Kathleen mentions above, our work must continue. Despite the cancellation of last month's Annual Meeting, the Hospice Savannah, Hospice Savannah Foundation and the Steward Center for Palliative Care boards voted to accept new officers and members; you can read the full listings here. And please take time to watch the beautiful video we had planned to share at the meeting. Simply click on the white arrow.
Hospice Savannah's Annual Meeting 2020
Hospice Savannah's Annual Meeting 2020
Thank You Artists!

As you may recall, right before the pandemic struck, we found ourselves in the unexpected (and highly expensive) position of having to completely renovate our Hospice House. All water damage has been mitigated on the west wing of the building and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following artists who donated pieces to hang on the freshly painted but barren walls!
They are:  John Alexander , Jill Brougher, Jon Cohen, Barbara Duch, Bob Friedman, Beth Logan, Mary Ellen McLaughlin (shown below), Judy Nichols, Sarah Oetgen, Julie Havens Rittmeyer, Connie Shippy, Margie Sone Gravina, Tiffani Taylor  (shown above), Mark Uzmann, and Patti Young. We also thank board member Dr. Anthony Costrini for donating from his personal collection.
Front Line Heroes

Now more than ever, please follow us on social media (links below). Here is a recent post from one of our after-hours nurses Leslie - pictured above left with co-worker Dawn: "My work friend Dawn and I donned some of our finery (rain boots stand in warmly for absent shoe covers), mildly protective cloth mask (lovely flamingos on mine!), and we did a PSA for work on how we outfitted our cars using the meager resources available after multiple trips to Walmart, Harbor Freight and Home Depot etc. When face shields are unavailable, why not try a painting eye protector? Gowns a rarity? Add a button up long sleeved shirt you can remove and launder. Patients and families are appreciative that we try to protect them (and us)."
Again, our sincere thanks to our nursing assistants, nurses, chaplains, social workers, allied therapists etc. who continue to do our vital work. Please click here to make a donation to support our mission.

Overwhelmed by grief? Call Full Circle at 912.303.944. 
Overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities? Call the Edel Caregiver Institute at 912.629.1331.  Help is confidential and free of charge due to philanthropic support. And as always, our palliative care and hospice support is just a phone call way. Our main number is 912.355.2289.
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