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May 13, 2017

Updates are available.

We've recently released update for all three of our products, WinPatrol PLUS, WinPatrol WAR and WinPatrol Firewall.

Even more updates are on the way!
What is inside
Site Connectivity

Once again we have had site connectivity issues. These issues have been due to poor connectivity within the Level3 network. Level3 controls the Internet Backbone in the US. You can see the state of the network here:

We are installing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) this weekend in hopes it will correct this problem by bypassing Level3. If you experience any downtime this weekend, it could be due to our work in getting the new CDN in place. 
Once in place, you won't have to do anything to have the improved connectivity with our site.
Wanna Cry Ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware made it to the world's top headlines this week. This ransomware exploits an SMB (Server Message Block protocol) vulnerability in Windows versions that have not applied the March 2017 Windows-SMB patch. Once infected, your files will be encrypted and renamed into ".WCRY" files. And it will then splash a message asking for 0.3BitCoin (around 300$) for decryption. So far, as of May 13 2017, over 230,000 computers in 99 countries have been infected.

We were able to get some of the latest WannaCry samples and tested them against WinAntiRansom (WAR). Fortunately, WAR was up to the challenge and blocked them all, averting the major effects of this ransomware. At worst case, like in our "FORCED" tests, WannaCry was nothing more than "scareware". It displayed a message saying our system was infected. Though after our analysis, the system and its files remained unharmed.

A piece of advice, never open suspicious email attachments. And if WAR gives you an alarm, block the application if you are uncertain.
WinPatrol PLUS Update

Microsoft is having fun changing how many features work under the covers in Windows 10. 
Regrettably, we don't find out about these changes until after they've shipped. 

Because of the major changes in the way Microsoft handles startup programs in Windows 10 we are releasing this update to fix Startup program problems in Windows 10.

Startup Tab Fixes
  1. Fixed ability to add start-up programs in Windows 10
  2. Fixed ability to remove start-up programs in Windows 10
PLUS Info Data Collection deactivated
The setting "Allow PLUS info data collection" has been deactivated and removed from the Options Tab. The feature was no longer working due to changes in browsers and simply causing customers not to receive PLUS data upon request.

More updates are on the way, we simply wanted to get this fix out as fast as possible.


Download Update

WAR Bug Fix

For a few of our customers WinPatrol WAR V 2017.5.711 had an incredibly annoying bug that could result in it hogging CPU. 
The last thing we want is a bug like that.

So, we worked with the affected customers and have a fix available. 2017.5.720.

In addition, we found some additional code that could result in slow performance and fixed that, too.

WinPatrol Firewall Major Fixes

WinPatrol Firewall had some annoying bugs in it that were getting more annoying as each day ticked past, so we worked extra hard and now have the fixes available for everyone.

We hate stupid, annoying bugs just as much as you do, maybe more because we get to hear about them on a regular basis until they are fixed.

Annoying prompts - it is fixed
Prompts on Allow - now it is configurable
Lost license - Not anymore
Not protected - You will be

We are listening and improving. 

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