September 7, 2017



Dear Friends and Neighbors:

We have received two updates from CenterPoint Energy we wish to share, one regarding the Briar Hills area and another regarding the Memorial substation:

(1) Briar Hills Areas:

We are aware there are a large number of homes in the Briar Hills area that have been without power since Hurricane Harvey made landfall.  The latest we received from CenterPoint was the following (while this is a very technical response, the bottom line is that they are working on getting power restored, but the high water in the area is hampering their efforts):

This is in regards to the existing ME10 circuit outage and we have crews currently working to re-establish power to the circuit.  Yesterday, crews were out opening/disconnecting the URD Terminal Poles in preparation for making the circuit hot, there still is high water in the area which could blow some of these fuses once the circuit is re-energized.

There may have been an instance(s) where URD loops could have a connection to an adjacent circuit that is not ME10.  Those fuses may have been opened in support of re-energizing ME10.  Once the circuit is on we will work through the open URD Terminal Poles and isolate the areas where high water still persists so we can restore power to these loops and get on as many customers as possible.
This action is happening today and will progress through the next day or so or until the high water recedes and we are able to reconnect all customers.

(2) Memorial Substation:

This is the information we just received from CenterPoint regarding the Memorial substation:

CenterPoint Energy is finalizing work on a temporary mobile substation in the Memorial area of west Houston to restore power to customers served by our Memorial substation that flooded. This substation serves not only our Spring Branch service area but also parts of our Katy and Sugar Land service areas. We were able to re-route power for thousands of customers served by the substation, but some customers remain without power.
Following anticipated completion of the temporary substation today, we will test the new system over the next several days, after which we will begin to restore service to customers able to receive power. We will not be able to restore service to some customers served by the substation nor to some customers within the Mayor's mandatory evacuation zone until Buffalo Bayou recedes.  We continue to work to restore power to homes within the evacuation zone that did not flood. 
As we restore power to this hard-hit area, remember these important safety messages:
  • Be especially mindful of downed power lines that could be hidden in flood waters and debris and treat all downed lines as if they are energized or "live." Boats being used in high water can expose you to danger from power lines at their normal height. Be aware and stay away.
  • CenterPoint Energy is responsible for and will make repairs to the electric delivery system up to the point where it connects to a home or business. However, the customer is responsible for repairs if there is damage to the meter box or weatherhead - the point where the line enters the home through a pipe - or the underground service drop.
  • If the meter box or weatherhead is damaged, our crews will not be able to re-establish service. If in doubt, homeowners should contact a licensed electrician now to make an inspection and any necessary repairs.
  • Customers who return to their homes and find that water has risen above the electrical outlets should call an electrician to assess damage and verify the customer's electrical system inside the home is safe to receive power. The electrician may need to either call CenterPoint Energy or direct the customer to call CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 for a temporary disconnection of service. Note, there still could be voltage present, so appropriate safety precautions should be taken.
We thank our neighbors for their patience and assure them of our constant concern for their safety and comfort.
Houston Chronicle article today:

A few thousand CenterPoint Energy customers remain without power nearly two weeks after Tropical Storm Harvey deluged Houston in four feet of water. The problem is a major distribution substation that is sitting in two feet of flood water. In order to get power back to a core of customers in west Houston, CenterPoint has had to route power from the damaged substation to a temporary one nearby. The project --  which required 40 new distribution poles  -- is almost complete, with three out of four circuits up and sending power to homes. But CenterPoint has one circuit left to power, and around 3,800 customers of the original 5,700 remain without power. CenterPoint hopes to have the circuit running by Thursday or Friday.
Many of the customers who are still without power live near the outlet of Barker Reservoir along Buffalo Bayou, an area inundated with floodwater after water was released from the overloaded reservoir last week.

"We are working out of boats in some cases and there will be limits to our ability to restore service to everyone due to challenges caused by the bayou," said Alicia Dixon, a spokeswoman for CenterPoint.  "Our distribution teams will continue to work to safely restore service to as many customers as we can as conditions change."
For updates on outages please follow CenterPoint on Twitter @CNPalerts or via their outage tracker at or call 713-207-2222


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