Brief Updates On Our Programs & Projects
Nebraska Solar Schools
We seek to partner with approximately 25 more K-12 schools on our NEED Solar Energy Kits project, funded by Facebook and Nebraska Environmental Trust grants and individual contributions. Teachers and principals: To receive a kit for your school, fill out this one-page request form and follow the instructions for submitting it.
Green Watts for Good
Morrissey Engineering and No More Empty Pots are working on a design for a solar awning on the south side of the building. Nebraskans for Solar and No More Empty Pots partnered to raise funds for the installation. Also, at our December meeting, our board approved partnering with a food bank in a community outside of Omaha. Details coming.
DOE Hiring 1,000 for New Clean Energy Corps
The Department of Energy is now collecting resumes for the Clean Energy Corps through the newly launched DOE Applicant Portal, part of a streamlined application process that will allow applicants to align their talents with their passions by indicating specific areas of interest and allowing hiring managers to review candidate profiles simultaneously. 

  • Watch Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s message for Clean Energy Corps applicants HERE.
  • Anyone interested in joining the Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Corps can submit their resume here: energy.gov/cleanenergycorps 
Conservation Nebraska Hiring
Conservation Nebraska is now hiring AmeriCorps members to serve as Conservation Directors with their Common Ground Program. The term of service is February 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022. See Additional Details Here.
Renewable Energy Jobs
Google Search
An additional search strategy is to check for jobs listings on the websites of solar and wind energy companies that have installed renewable energy projects in Nebraska.
Featured Installation
Project: 100-kilowatt solar array at Wine, Beer and Spirits near Oakview Mall in Omaha. It’s currently the largest customer-owned project in OPPD’s service territory. The store owners, Beau Starkey and Aaron Konen, are also investing in solar systems for their business locations in Lincoln and Grand Island.
Developer: Great Plains Renewables, owned by Dale Leuck. See more projects in the company’s gallery here.

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Professor Mark Jacobson
In each newsletter we feature a question and answer about renewable energy and related issues. Please send your questions to nebraskansforsolar@gmail.com

Q: How much solar and wind does the U.S. need in order to reach 100% renewable energy? – Alex, high school student
A: Alex, thank you for your email. Mark Jacobson, a Stanford professor of civil and environmental engineering and the director of its Atmosphere/Energy Program, has been studying this question for over ten years. PV Magazine published an article in December that may interest you: Grid stability and 100% renewables If you want to do a real deep dive into this topic, the scientific journal, Renewable Energy, published an article last month by Jacobson and his colleagues that presents their most recent calculations: Renewable Energy: Zero air pollution and zero carbon from all energy at low cost and without blackouts in variable weather throughout the U.S. with 100% wind-water-solar and storage
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NPPD News Release

Also elected were Melissa Freelend of Kearney as first vice chair, Ed Schrock of Holdrege/Elm Creek as second vice chair, and Wayne Williams as secretary. NPPD Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Laura Kapustka was elected treasurer.

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