There is an emergency meeting of the Board of County Commissioners tonight at 6:00PM. They normally live stream their videos on YouTube HERE.

No, I do not know what the meeting is about. I have eyes and ears inside the meeting and I will be watching live online. After the meeting is over I will take appropriate actions to alert everyone what it means or does not mean for their vacation.

PLEASE be patient and await my communication to you. I have well over 300 reservations on 16 homes to alert. Some of those people are checking in tomorrow. They will be the first to know and then I will work forward from there.

Stay safe, healthy, and keep an eye on your e-mails.

This e-mail was sent to you because you either have an upcoming vacation with Teresa's Beach Homes, already had a vacation with us, or signed up for updates.

I am working to better organize this list to only be sent to incoming guests that it immediately pertains to.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we address this situation as quickly as possible.

PS- I have learned that if you unsubscribe you will be unsubscribed from ALL Teresa's Beach Homes e-mails .