The emergency management meeting voted unanimously to
close the all Gulf County Beaches immediately for 7 days.
They will reevaluate at a 7 day increment. Next meeting is 3/27.
You can view the meeting here.

We are currently working on a week to week basis. All reservations from April 4 forward are still business as usual for the time being. We are listening to our local, state (Florida), and Federal government and making the best call we can based on that information. The local BOCC will be having another meeting on 3/27. We will make a call with our best guess regarding 4/4 reservations after that meeting.

If you think you want or need to cancel please let me know as soon as possible and I will try my best to get your home re-rented. The sooner you let me know the higher likelihood I can get your week rebooked and you a refund. You can find your cancellation policy on your rental agreement.

Teresa's Beach Homes FAQ

What if/about?
I cannot answer questions that I don't have the facts on yet. There are currently no "IF THIS, THEN THIS." We are working with Gulf County, The State of Florida, and the Federal Guidelines & Mandates ONLY. No hypothetical situation questions, please. Things are changing very quickly right now.

Can I cancel?
Well yes, but there's more to that question. At this time we have not amended our cancellation policy for reservations after April 1. We will make that call if/when new guidelines, mandates, etc come out.

Are things open?
Yes. Businesses are OPEN they just might be operating in a different capacity than normal. Food employees are currently going through a screening process to come to work. Most places are doing TO-GO and/or Curbside PICK UP.

What about my final payment that is due?
I am not currently sending out reminders OR charging people their final payments. We are in a holding pattern waiting to see what happens when the 15 day discretionary travel guideline period is up(March31), if beach closures get extended (3/27), OR if new mandates come out before then. We will let you know when your new payment deadline is IF it has changed. As of right now I believe I will be modifying your payment due date to "30 days" prior to arrival. For all May rentals at the very least.

for your patience.

Until the next update- stay safe & healthy. We'll talk soon.

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Thank you in advance for your patience as we address this situation as quickly as possible.

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