MAY 9, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

At Huntington Hospital, the following new rules are effective Monday May 11.
  • Universal COVID testing (nasal swab) for ALL Obstetrical patients presenting to Labor and Delivery will begin. Results are available in about 1 hour.
  • Scheduled C/S patients can test upon arrival or 1-2 days ahead of time (ask us about this).
  • If results for COVID-19 are POSITIVE, the birth partner will be unable to stay with patient and will be sent home and NICU will attend the delivery and transport the newborn to the Isolation Nursery. [We know this sounds harsh but COVID is too contagious to risk anyone else getting sick.]
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Other policies in the Labor and Delivery Department
  • All patients (labor checks, C/S, or OB problems) will check-in to the OB ED (Obstetrical Emergency Department).
  • ONLY the patient will enter the OB ED (the Birth Partner will have to wait outside the Unit until the patient is admitted or is discharged home).
  • If the patient is admitted, one healthy birth partner will be allowed into the Labor and Delivery and Mother-Baby (Maternity) Unit.
  • Patients have to limit personal belongings brought from home to ONE bag per family (not one bag per person).
  • The designated birth partner, along with the patient, will remain in the hospital room at all times during their stay. The Hospital will provide meals* and toiletries. This means that the birth partner may not leave the labor room or maternity room once admitted. All labor rooms and all maternity rooms have bathrooms with showers.
  • All admitted patients have a Registered Nurse (RN) assigned to them.
  • In addition to an RN, there are birth support staff available for laboring patients.
from HH - If you have COVID-19, or have symptoms:
If you have COVID-19, or have symptoms or possible exposure, the Hospital is fully prepared to take care of you for your birth and afterwards.
We have the staff, the isolation rooms, the supplies, and the PPE (personal protection equipment) needed to keep you and your family (and us) safe. PLEASE let us know before your arrival if there is any chance you might have the virus. 
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