HHPNC Board & Stakeholder Meeting
HHPNC Virtual/Zoom/Telephonic Board & Stakeholder Meeting
Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 7:00pm
Neighborhood Council Board Seat Openings
Want to represent your community – come join the Highland Park Neighborhood Council! We currently have openings for a Director-At Large position, and two officer positions: President and Treasurer (stakeholder – 18 years of age or older) openings, please head click here to apply! 
Eviction Protections for residential renters in City of LA
No changes for Eviction Protections for residential renters in City of LA.

Residential renters in the City of LA: you cannot be evicted right now, if you can’t pay your rent due to illness, loss of work, or other COVID-related circumstances. As of September 1, that will not change.

However, if someone tries to tell you or someone you know otherwise, or tries to give you an eviction notice, please don’t just ignore it. Instead, make sure you get the protections you deserve by doing these two things:

1. File a report with the City of LA’s Housing Department on their website at http://HCIDLA.LAcity.org, or by calling their hotline at 1-866-557-7368

2. Get legal help – help is available at no cost through the lawyers participating in the City’s LA Represents program. Learn more and get help at https://corona-virus.la/LARepresents

More details and resources can be found on this Housing Department one pager on COVID and evictions notices. Please download, it, and share it with your loved ones, neighbors, and stakeholders.

Still have questions? Please call the Housing Department at 1-866-557-7368, or visit their website at at http://HCIDLA.LAcity.org.


You may have heard that the Judicial Council of California recently voted to end their emergency moratorium on evictions in this state on September 1. They did, but that has no impact on the City of Los Angeles’ evictions protections for residential renters, which remain in place.

The Judicial Council is the policy-setting body for the judicial branch of the state government, and that moratorium was a temporary one. Case processing was put on hold, to allow state lawmakers time to develop a longer-term solution for all Californians, which is in currently the works.

New Round of City Speed Humps

Mark your calendars! Starting on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 8 a.m., LADOT will initiate a new round of the city speed hump application cycle. Residents may petition the department for the construction of speed humps at new locations provided that certain criteria are met. The filing window, which occurs biannually, will continue until the set threshold for requests is met.

Details may be found on the LADOT speed hump request page.

Applicants are encouraged to apply promptly after the application opens due to high demand.
Share your thoughts on Vote BY Mail for the 2021 Neighborhood Council Elections
A big change is coming to Neighborhood Council (NC) Elections for the 2021 season. Vote-By-Mail will be used for all NCs Citywide, in order to protect public health.

Read more and fill out the survey here
L.A. City Planning Update
In the first half of 2020, we experienced profound changes to our daily lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered where we work and how we learn; how we access basic needs, such as quality health care and testing; and most importantly, how critical it is to have a place of shelter. READ MORE
COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide & Toolkit
View our updated COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide, and get tips on Best Practices, Do's and Don'ts, Key Messaging, and our Social Media Toolkit - with multi-lingual graphics and messages like the ones seen in the graphic.

Access our Social Media Toolkit here.
Know the symptoms of #COVID19. No-cost testing is available for people with symptoms, regardless of immigration status. Learn more at covid19.lacounty.gov/testing
LADOT Survey
Through a partnership between LANI and LADOT, the Stress-Free Connections campaign was launched last fall. The goal is to increase safe connections and easier crossings on neighborhood streets in order to make getting around easier for more Angelenos.

Safer neighborhood connections will help people get where they most want to go, while avoiding busier, more stressful streets. Our neighborhood streets can be a great asset in supporting all kinds of ways to get around without the need to drive.

Supporting neighborhood connections can both improve health and calm traffic on neighborhood streets. But many neighborhoods are not well connected and busy streets can be difficult to cross. These conditions create stressful situations for people as they try to go between their homes, offices, schools, and other destinations without the need to always drive.

LANI & LADOT want to hear from you and your neighbors! Please feel free to share the survey link online, or forward this newsletter to a friend. Together, we can foster more “stress-free” connections in our communities. 

2020 Census
Time is running out to complete the 2020 Census, with the September 30 deadline approaching. We need everyone to be counted! The response rate in Los Angeles is currently at about 55 percent, which means almost half of Angelenos are not yet reflected in the count. 

The Census determines funding for transportation, health care, housing, economic development and more, as well as California’s representation in Congress. Census data also inform future decisions about where to invest and build.

The census is quick and easy to complete online, by phone, by mail, or with a census taker who travels door-to-door. It’s important to note that one’s immigration status does not matter, and that all information is protected by law under Title 13 and cannot be shared with any other governmental agency. For more information, visit 2020census.gov.

September Virtual Library Events

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Fourth Round of Application Period for LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund to Open (August 31)
The COVID-19 pandemic has come at a great cost to LA County's economy. As we navigate the Road to Recovery, LA County reminds small businesses, non-profit organizations, and micro-enterprises that the LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund is a resource worth knowing about. Especially now, that the fourth round of it's application period is quickly approaching.

The LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund currently includes $3.2 million in grants for small businesses, non-profits and micro-enterprises facing economic challenges due to COVID-19. Funded by LA County, the City of LA and the Union Bank Foundation, this resource looks to provide eligible applicants with grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.

The fourth round of grant funding opened on Monday, August 31.
Don't miss your opportunity to apply - the application is available in 12 different languages. To apply for a grant or ask questions, visit LACOVIDFund.org or call 833-238-4450.
'L.A. vs. Hate'
On August 26th, LA County launched the “L.A. vs Hate” initiative to report and end incidents of hate and hate crimes in LA County.

This announcement comes as
211-LA continues to receive reports of hate – from January through July 2020, 256 total calls reporting hate, including 27 calls as a result of COVID-19 – and is part of a multi-year mission by LA County to end acts of hate in the County.
To report incidents of hate and/or hate crimes, dial 2-1-1. Individuals making reports to 211-LA may choose to report anonymously.

Callers may also be offered the option to be referred to follow-up services (including legal aid, trauma counseling, and advocacy support). In the first six months of this year, 87% of residents calling 211-LA to report hate requested follow up services.

To learn more about “L.A. vs Hate” or access shareable community-centric graphics ready-made for social media, click here. 

To see our special library booklist, downloadable gifs or a printable coloring book in support of "LA vs. Hate", click here.

Additional Resources
The County of Los Angeles appreciates your continued partnership in responding to COVID-19 questions and needs of residents. For additional information, please visit: