Healthcare Providers,

Looking for information to share about My Alfond Grant with those you care for? Read on for information, tips and resources for those you know, care for or work with who may have a child with an Alfond Grant and thank you for all that you do to support the Alfond Grant!


What's New

Have you checked out our website lately?

We've added some great resources to help families prepare and plan for education after high school. Our Age-Based Resources are a great place to mention to families you work with.

It is never too early to start - we have resources and book recommendations for even the youngest kids!

0-18 Month Resources

Partner Spotlight

Central Maine Medical Center has recently increased their contact card completion rate from 10% to 60%! AMAZING work is being done to make sure families are aware of their $500 Alfond Grant.

Thank you to the staff at CMMC for your commitment to this work. We appreciate all you do!


Become a Champion!


Since we first started awarding Alfond Grants on a pilot basis at MaineGeneral Hospital in Waterville in 2008, hospitals have been a critical part of all we do.

As a trusted partner for us, and a trusted source of information for families, you help make sure that new parents know that their child has a $500 Alfond Grant for their future education. As one maternity nurse told us, “We tell families the Alfond Grant is the second best thing they bring home from the hospital!”

Our Hospital and Healthcare providers are an important partners, helping us spread the word about the $500 Alfond Grant. Learn about how you can become a Gold Medal Hospital Champion today.

Feel free to reach out to us at, we are always happy to talk with you about ways we can support you!

Become a Champion

Resource Request

You can order additional resources for families online!

Hospital Champions who want to request materials can do so any time by completing this form, and emailing it us at

Resource Request

Fun Activities to Share

Who doesn't love a snow day? When it's time to come inside after kiddos play outdoors, keep those young minds working with some fun snow day crafts!

We've included 5 easy and budget-friendly ideas for keeping kids occupied on snowy days

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