Save the Date: Online Thursday September 9, 2021 10am-1:15pm ET
FORUM2021 will explore the ancient, respectful and regenerative ways of farming practices and our spiritual relationship to food by focusing on the Earth as an interconnected web of life. A moral and spiritual voice is essential in the transition away from the industrialized, fossil fuel and chemical intensive, global agriculture system which is degrading our Earth, contributing to the climate crisis and to the extinction of species, as well as creating severe health issues for all living beings. FORUM2021 is a call to all spiritual and religious leaders and activists for a return to local, biodiverse organic food systems which regenerate soil, water and biodiversity while providing healthy sustenance for all. 

These distinguished speakers, among others, will be joining us at FORUM2021:
Rev. Jim Antal, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Clayton Harvey,
Edgar Hayes, Rev. Susan Hendershot, Kathryn Manga, Shani Mink,
Anne Rader, Adelita San Vicente Tello and Daniel Wanjama.

  • The Indigenous heritage of sacred food
  • Reclaiming ancient wisdom to protect our future
  • Scientists on the impact of industrialized agriculture
  • Sacred food from an Interfaith perspective
  • Working farmers and organizers on International perspectives on regenerative farming
  • And Faith-based farming in the United States
  • International Interfaith prayers and sacred music

FORUM2021 is presented by the Temple of Understanding in collaboration with Marble Collegiate Church
Many Faith Groups Weigh in on Food Systems 
The Faith + Food Coalition is “a coalition of faith based organizations bringing together voices from around the world to contribute to the UN Food Systems Summit.” Information on their upcoming sessions, and the links to past sessions, are available online.
Recordings on Indigenous Healing Ways Available Online
The recording of the side event from the recent UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is now available:  "Indigenous Healing Ways for Mental Health: It's Time to Spread the Word!" 
Also available is a video that Maria Crouch shared from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, featuring elder knowledge: Power of Words: Healing and Wellness
Bravo to the Health Subcommittee of the NGO Committee on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for sharing these videos. All are welcome to visit the NGO Committee's Facebook page here.
Evaluating Set Backs to the 2030 Agenda
The Secretary- General’s annual report, Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, is now available in an unedited format. 
“Overall, this report paints a worrying picture regarding the state of the SDGs six years after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda. But it will depend on the collective response over the coming 18 months whether or not the COVID-19 crisis serves as a much-needed wake-up call that spurs a decade of truly transformative action that delivers for people and planet.”
Financial Business as Usual, Unfortunately
The Civil Society Financing for Development (FfD) Group, a broad platform of over 800 civil society organizations, networks and federations from around the world, includes the Women’s Working Group on FfD, of which the Temple of Understanding is a member.  The UN narratives about global goals need financial structures to enable the progressive changes. The Civil Society FfD group responded to the recent Forum as follows:

“As the Financing for Development Forum comes to a close, in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis, it is unconscionable that the world’s governments have agreed to adopt an FfD outcome document filled with rhetoric and no action, sticking to business as usual. This status quo threatens the wellbeing of billions of people and makes the possibility of realizing the Sustainable Development Goals and to respond to the expanding climate emergency more remote than ever.”
You can read the civil society contributions here.
UN Multi Faith Advisory Council Commemorative Video
This lovely video (11 minutes) starts with the quote “ The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside.”  From Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations.
“Premiered at the UN Multi Faith Advisory Council to the United Nations Interagency Task Force on Religion and Development's global online event, "Faith in the UN: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and looking to the future", this commemorative video highlights the critical role of communities of faith in the development work of the United Nations."
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