Final reminders and updates for 2020
Here are a few reminders and updates to make sure you're ready to say "goodbye" to 2020 (who isn't?) and are ready to welcome 2021!
Home office closed for New Year's Day
The home office will be closed on Friday, January 1 for New Year's Day. We hope you have a happy, safe celebration as we move into 2021.
Sets bag change coming Jan. 1
The red sets bag included with sets for November and December will change back on January 1 to the cosmetic bag pictured on page 11 of our current catalog.
$75 booking credit returning to 45-day window
Effective February 1, 2021 the $75 booking credit that is awarded to hosts when a guest holds a Show will return to the 45-day window from the 90-day window that was allowed for most of 2020.

Please remember to include this information for hosts who may be unfamiliar with the normal booking credit time frame.
New catalog coming soon
Are you getting excited for the arrival of our new Spring/Summer 2021 catalog?

Make sure you only order as many catalogs as you need to get you through January so you can start sharing the new catalog when it arrives. Watch for more information about catalog orders to be posted soon.
Last chance for 2020 Holiday Collection
There are still a few short days left before our 2020 Holiday collection disappears! We hope you and your customers enjoyed this star-studded collection of fabulous gifts. If anybody didn't get their favorites as a gift, there's still time for them to treat themselves!
Performance tracker and trip updates
Information about an issue affecting the performance tracker was posted in the Business Center on Dec. 30. The issue was resolved and updated trip points showing the afternoon of December 30, reflected points earned through that morning.

You will also see point updates in your Performance Tracker today, December 31, and tomorrow, January 1 to reflect any sales or Show activity that was finalized before the end of the qualification period on December 31.

To ensure the maximum number of points are showing for these updates, double check your Show orders to ensure they have been processed, and that the Show held dates for any recently closed Shows are also within the trip qualification period.

Final point totals, including promotion points for promotions earned on January 1, are expected to be updated in the Performance Tracker late on January 2. A final email update will be sent on Monday, January 4.

If you have any questions about the points showing in your Performance Tracker, please contact
BONUS trip update today
With the updated information available this morning, we will be sharing an BONUS trip update this afternoon to share the names of the latest trip earners. Watch for it!
L'BRI Leaders are Unstoppable!
If you are a Senior Consultant or above, you won't want to miss Leadership Insight! You'll gain valuable information and celebration the inspiration and recognition of your L'BRI colleagues.

Plus, there will be lots of special announcements and fun too! Your registration fee of $49 covers the event, plus additional materials and access during Leader Week.

Registration is open and waiting for you!
Learn to Earn and Focus on Success
Don't forget to check out the resources shared with you in the December 29 Focus on Success email. Watch the December 29 Learn to Earn for more information!

And mark your calendar for each Tuesday at 8 p.m. Central Time so you can join Laurie LIVE in the Consultant Forum for each new Learn to Earn!
See you next year!