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Kentucky: The utility monopolies are at it again
The Ky. State Senate just adopted SB 100 -- the utility monopolies' latest effort to kill customer-owned solar power -- less than 48 hours after it was made public. --

LG&E filed another case with the Ky. Public Service Commission (PSC), seeking approval to raise and restructure its rates in regressive, anti-consumer ways.  (Kentucky Utilities, did, too.)   If it prevails, all customers will pay high, mandatory service fees, no matter how much of power or gas used. -- The utilities want to put more costs on the mandatory, fixed service fee, which we must pay regardless of how much we invest in energy efficiency or solar power, water heating, etc. https://www.louisvillecan.org/utility-rates

From Feeding Northeast Florida - Thank you for stepping up in a time of crisis
When the government shut down and hundreds of our neighbors lost their paychecks, you really stepped up. Whether you gave financially or gave your time and hard work, we can't thank you enough.

Demand for emergency food shot up 20% compared to this time last year. The need was overwhelming, but through your compassion and generosity, we rose to meet that need. http://www.feedingnefl.org

Stop Trump's Plan to Drill in the Arctic Refuge
From the Center for Biological Diversity -- The Trump administration wants to put the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge up for sale, allowing the oil industry to tarnish one of our last pristine wild places. We can't let it happen. In December Trump's BLM released a rushed environmental analysis of plans for an oil and gas leasing program in the refuge. It offers three alternatives, each of which would auction off all, or nearly all, of the 1.56 million acres of the refuge's coastal plain. ---  Send a letter to the Bureau of Land Management demanding it protect this majestic landscape and drop plans to sell off the Arctic Refuge to oil companies. https://act.biologicaldiversity.org/onlineactions/yq-aj2NOikig2RU87ThBlA2

Dominion Admits Methane Must be Cut for Climate Impacts
From NCWARN - This is an important juncture because the industry's been suppressing attention to this issue for so long - and Dominion is nearly as big as Duke.  Here's a brief note we sent to media.

It's encouraging that a leading fossil fuel CEO is finally acknowledging the huge importance of methane ("natural" gas) in the struggle to slow the climate crisis.  Scientists say methane is a leading driver of global heating in the short term due to its potency.  Most of the increased methane emissions in recent years comes from the oil and gas industry, according to NASA - and fracked gas is the worst.  But even if ALL methane were captured instead of vented unburned into the air, we still must stop using fracked gas altogether if humanity is going to avert runaway climate chaos.  That means Dominion and its partner, Duke Energy, must stop trying to build the ill-fated Atlantic Coast Pipeline - which is already $3 billion (60%) over budget, with construction stalled for months or years - and join the revolution toward cheaper, renewables matched with storage.  more at www.ncwarn.org

Dominion Energy's Statement announced methane reduction measures: https://www.c2es.org/press-release/bob-perciasepe-on-%e2%80%afdominion-energys-announced-methane-reduction-measures/

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