Conference Recap

The Patient and Family Health and Wellness Conference was a huge success! We had a great day of community and learning. Attendees heard from nationally renowned doctors - Dr. Frech and Dr. Leader - who spoke on gastrointestinal tract management and oral care respectively. Attendees also chose one of three breakout sessions on social security/disability lead by F. Anthony Manella, on healthcare directives led by Chaplin Edward Holland, and on caregiving by Susan Duhamel. Attendees said:

  • "Very patient focused on what we can do to help manage our own care."
  • "It was helpful to learn about certain medications to take, which foods to eat, and how to take care of dental health."
  • "Being a newly diagnosed scleroderma sine person, this was a very helpful beginning for my husband and me."
  • "It was very helpful to have the opportunity to talk with other people who have scleroderma."
  • "Very organized and well-run. Gets better every year. Thank you for all the organizing efforts – you make it look effortless!"

Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors and conference planners for all of their contributions!