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  • Friday, November 27, 2020
    This Monday is the last day to order GREENS.
    Online Worship This Sunday
    November 29nd, 10:00 a.m.
    Hanging of the Greens!

    This Sunday we celebrate our beloved service of the Hanging of the Greens as we make our ready our sanctuary, homes and hearts for the coming of Christ.  This is a participatory service and we are grateful for all who have given their time and talents to make it possible in this challenging time we are in. 

    Zoom Link is available     HERE 
    Meeting ID:  884 2939 0471
    Passcode:  507935
    Or call in ID: 1 646 558 8656
    A link to the bulletin is available    HERE
    NOTE:  To connect to Sunday Worship or to any of our online offerings, you may go to our website at There you will find a click through to Sunday morning worship and to other online opportunities.  You may also use the link below.   
    ADVENT Begins This Sunday 
    Advent devotional booklet - IS NOW AVAILABLE

    Our Advent theme this year is "Fear Not."  As is our custom we compiled our Advent devotions booklet to accompany us through our walk of Advent.  
    Hard copies of the booklet will be available on Sunday during our Sanctuary Walk (please see below for the sign up).  

    You may also access a PDF of the booklet HERE.

    Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to our booklet this year. 
    Advent Sanctuary Walk and Other Activities
    Sign Up for This Sunday - November 29th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

    Join with with your beloved UCW community as we begin our Advent journey together with this special afternoon!   
    (Accessibility NoteWe regret that the elevator will not be available for this event, as it is waiting for repairs.)
    • Walk Through our Beloved Sanctuary decorated for Advent & Christmas (following our Hanging of the Greens worship service online that morning) 
    • Hear beautiful live Music shared by UCW musicians, including James Cooke, Lisa Crockett, and Daon Drisdom
    • Lay a Prayer for this Advent in the Manger, and Light a Candle of Hope 
    • Visit Stations outside with materials to create a beautiful Prayer Wreath and Advent Wreath for your home (bring your own frame if you have one from past years)
    • Pick up our UCW Advent Devotional, with written and artistic offerings from members of our church
    • Pick up your candle and jingle bell for Christmas Eve!  
    SIGN UP and Covid: 
    In order to make sure we all stay safe and enjoy our time, we'll be carefully following Covid precautions, and are asking people to wear masks and sign up in 15-minute increments to make sure we space out visitors throughout the three hours. Please Sign-Up by clicking the Sign-Up Genius button HERE.  

    Each 15 minute time period will be open to 3 individuals or family pods. For example, one may sign up as Susie Who (if just one person is going to walk through) or as the Who Family (if more than one individual plans on walking through).  Masks and social distancing will be required
    We very much hope to see you and yours on Sunday as we begin this Advent journey together in community!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Judy Nagle or Pastors Amy and Stacy.

     Also Mark Your Calendars for the Following Advent Gathering
    • Dec. 6th - Intergenerational Star Lights -
      We'll create Stick Stars for your home and for our church (During Forest Church, 3-4pm, see details below)
    • Dec. 13th - Children and Youth share the Christmas Story
      In our 10am Zoom Worship
    • Dec. 22nd - All-Ages Come to the Manger
      During Forest Church, we'll create our own mini-Creche scenes to bring home for Christmas Eve
    A Note from your Pastors
    Dear congregation, 

    We know that the holidays can be hard for many of us.  We know that the COVID-19 time we are in can make that even harder.  We are not having the chance to chat with you before the service or in our time of reception.  We do not get to linger with you in the parking lot after a meeting or have the delight of having you unexpectedly knock on our door.  All of this makes it hard for us to have our fingers on the pulse of how you are.  

    We are committed to reaching out to all of you but please also reach out to us!  Don't worry about being a burden - know you are a joy to us always.  Do not worry about taking up our time - we have all the time for you!  

    The essence of this church is the bonds of love that hold us one to another.  If we are going to celebrate when all of this COVID-19 challenge is over, we will celebrate how we have come through it all together.  

    So please, do not sit alone with your troubles, pain or need.  Reach out to us - Please!!

    With much love and gratitude for the privilege of serving you in this time, 
    Pastors Amy and Stacy 

    lunch bunch 
    DECEMBER 9, 12:00

    All are invited to come together on zoom to share in our favorite hymns and carols of the season.  
    Please send your favorite hymn/carol to Daon by Friday December 4th.  Then sign into zoom on Wednesday, Dec. 9th at noon!  

    (Meeting ID:  831 7388 8419
    passcode: 666689)

    Mission Matters

     Annual Greens Sale 2020

    This Monday, November 30
    is the last day to submit your order.
    Please email before then
    to place your order with item and quantity.

    Available For Sale
    Christmas Trees: $50
    12" Balsam Wreath with Red Bow: $16
    14" Kissing Ball: $36

    Pick up will be Dec 4th and 5th, timings will be sent later. 
    As always, we appreciate and thank you for your support!

    Thanksgiving Dinner 2020
    Thank you to all who helped make this event a success!  

    Please go here to share in the 
    JOY of the day  

     Virtual Mitten Tree 2020!

    Once again, our wonderful and generous congregation is supporting our friends at Project Care and Concern and Norwood Healthcare during this holiday season. For the residents of both of these organizations the Christmas gifts they receive from UCW are the only ones they receive at all. This is an opportunity for us to remind the residents that we are all a part of their family in Christ.

    Normally, we would hang mittens on our Christmas tree in church, but that is of course not an option this year. So we are going to have our first ever Virtual Mitten Tree!

    Please use the Signup-Genius button below to sign-up for a "mitten" that identifies a recipient and the gift they requested. 

    Mitten Tree Sign-up: HERE

    We will arrange drop-off moments at the church in the 2nd week of December so we can gather them and deliver them to Norwood Health and Project Care & Concern. So please keep an eye out for the Signup Genius when it goes out!

    Advocates for Racial Justice
    How COVID-19 Worsened the Wealth Gap
    When the coronavirus hit this year, Black Americans were still reeling from the 2008 financial crisis. That downturn had wiped out 53 percent of all Black wealth, largely because subprime lenders had targeted Black communities with loans on bad terms. Then came the COVID-19 shutdown. 

    While 22 percent of all U.S. businesses shuttered between February and April this year, 41 percent of Black-owned businesses closed. Many African-American business owners couldn't access the Payroll Protection Program, because loans tended to go to large firms that had existing relationships with major banks. One study found that white owners who went in person to a bank to ask for a PPP loan fared much better than Black owners who did so, even when the Black owners had better financial profiles. And many Black-owned businesses are sole proprietorships, which weren't covered. As a result, fewer than half of all African-American adults now have a job. "The pandemic is falling on those least able to bear its burdens," said Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. "It is a great increaser of inequality."

    Remote Teacher's Assistants Needed for Public School
    The Boston Education Collaborative continues to support the urban public school districts in Boston, Cambridge and Chelsea. You may remember them from their presentation around public education last year at our church. With all classes online, they are looking for more volunteers to be a "Remote Teacher's assistant". It would require a commitment of 1-2 hours per week during school hours (8:00 a.m. - 4)00 p.m.) for a period of 3+ months.
    For detailed information and how to sign-up please visit our website:
    You can also attend one of their regularly short information sessions:
    Every Tuesday night through Dec. 15th, 8:30-9:00 PM
    Every Wednesday morning through Dec. 16th, 8:30-9:00 AM         
    The Take-Out Switch Up!

    Petsi Pies founder and owner Renee McLeod holds a pecan pie in the kitchen as they are boxed up for sale.

    The Buy Black movement encourages people to buy from Black entrepreneurs in order to build wealth and success in Black communities-and it isn't novel or new. But this summer, as Black Lives Matter gained more widespread support, so did the concept of buying Black. At the peak of anti-racism learning and unlearning efforts, many articles about Black-owned businesses were being shared. You may have already started to see a drop-off in those, but continued support is vital to keeping Black companies and their founders afloat-especially after many were flooded with demand earlier this summer and the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

    To help, we will be sharing a list of local black & minority owned restaurants and encourage you to give them a try and leave a review.  So those nights you can't think about stepping foot into your kitchen, take the chance, try something new, and support local businesses. If you have any questions or ideas please reach out to or any restaurant suggestions.   
    Boston: Maxine's on Saint James (Soul Food)
    Cambridge: Oggi Gourmet (Pizzaria)
    Framingham: Nzuko (Caribbean & Mediterranean Fusion)
    Somerville: Petsi Pies (Bakery/Coffee)

    We Are Seeking A Recipient For Our Next Loan
    Suggestions Welcome!

    The 1K Task Force is currently looking for an appropriate recipient for our 1K loan.  We have up to $2500 for a microfinance loan for a small business which reflects the values of our church community.  Because we know black and brown businesses have more than twice the rate of closure during this time of Covid 19, than white small businesses, we are particularly reaching out to black and brown small business owners.  If you have any contacts, possible suggestions or know any people who might be potential recipients please let us know .  

    Brita Gill-Austern, chair of IK Task Force
    Book Buddies! 

    Elm Park Reservation
    We are able to distribute loaves and fishes in the form of  books to children who are hungry for reading.

    THANK YOU to all who have signed up to be book buddies with children in Lowndes

    Mold, Possums and Pools of Sewage:
    No One Should Have to Live Like This

    To read a piece about Lowndes Country in the NY Times written by Catherine Coleman Flowers and entitled "Mold, Possums and Pools of Sewage: No One Should Have to Live Like This" go HERE.  
    Be Part of our On-going Common Cathedral Team 
    For More Details and Ways You Can Help: GO HERE

    We are bound in powerful ways to our beloved unhoused siblings in Boston.  Our team of UCW members continues to bring sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, socks and other 
    needed items - like cards and notes of love and support - to Common Cathedral's Boston Warm Day Center each week. We very much hope to continue to walk with our friends at Boston Warm into the fall, for as long as they need us. Come be part of this awesome team! 

    Children & Families

    With joy and peace, we are invited to gather to make space for the mystery, light and hope of this season.  Please plan to join us: 

    November 29th, 1:00-4:00 p.m. - ADVENT I
    Advent Sanctuary Walk and Community Celebration
    This will be a beautiful way to begin the Advent season together for all ages, and we hope you will join us.  Details are above, you can link to the Sign-up above, or HERE.

    Of Note: Families may have noticed that last week was the final week in our Children and Families Fall Prayground packet!  Note that the new Advent Packet and materials will be available at this Hanging of the Greens Advent Sanctuary Walk and Celebration. On the 29th you can pick up:
    • The UCW Advent Devotional Book 
    • Table Tents with reflections, prayers and simple activities for all-ages, that explore Advent through the lens of the Danish practice of Hygge 'the art of coziness' (a PDF can be found by CLICKING HERE)
    • Materials to create simple and beautiful  prayer circles for your home, with a ribbon for each day of Advent that your family can add as a prayer 
    • Materials for an Advent Wreath. If you have a wire frame from past years, please bring it along
    • A Candle and jingle bell for Christmas Eve.
    December 6th - 3.00-4.00 p.m. - ADVENT 2 
    Intergenerational Star Lights in the Darkness
    Interested in making a beautiful stick star? Join us at church during Forest Church on this day.  The stars can be placed outside or indoors and will add a special tinkle of light during these dark days.  We'll make a few extra to hang outside the church.  
    All you need to bring is five sticks each 3-5' long, 14 heavy duty rubber bands and two strings of lights. We will also have materials for smaller stars, or you can bring your own smaller sticks, fairy lights and rubber bands.  
    We'll show you how to put it together and then... ENJOY!  For details or to help, contact Jane at 
    December 13th - 10:00 a.m. Zoom Worship - ADVENT 3
    Children and Youth Share the Christmas Story 
    Our Christmas pageant will look a little different this year, but we still hope our children and youth will help lead us in sharing the Story of Christmas with readings, prayers, art and music.  If you or your children or youth are able to participate with a live or pre-recorded reading or music, please contact Pastor Amy ( or Kathy Malone (  If they would like to contribute artwork for the service, please contact Cindy Spertner at Thank you!
    December 22nd- 3:00-4:00 p.m. - ADVENT 4
    All-Ages Come to the Manger - Forest Church 
    We'll create small Creches with wooden blocks and illustrated ministry stickers to bring home, and add the animals, angels and more to our manger (like we do on Christmas Eve).  

    Youth Ministry

    Youth Groups:
    Dec 6th - Exploring Our Faith
    We hope all EOF students will join us for Forest Church to make a star from 3-4pm,  and then join Pastor Amy for EOF at 4-5:30pm. We'll discuss our Journals, God and the incarnation, and have some Christmas fun.  

    Dec 13th - Middle School Youth Group 
    We'll have fun and Celebrate Christmas together!   

    Dec 20th - 9th Grade Youth Group 
    We'll gather outside at 4-5pm after Forest Church to Celebrate and prepare for Christmas!  

    Scripture Reader Sign-up
    Please look at the Sign Up Genius HERE, and sign up to read Scripture. Youth are greatly encouraged to sign up, too! (The link is also always available on the

    Thanks you, UCW Deacons
    Our Covenant
    We, the members of The Union Church in Waban, true to our founding principle of being an inclusive church, covenant together to nourish and to sustain in our common life and practice a fully welcoming and affirming church for all persons. Welcoming all persons who seek to join with us in a commitment to love God and our neighbors, affirming the inclusive love of Jesus, we are open to all, without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, nationality, ability or economic circumstance. We invite all to full participation in our worship, membership, leadership and life of this church.