Changes in some of the OGM events.....

Updates and reminders for OGM Events 
Usui III Intensive - refomatted  smaller group, same dates
We did not have the number of registrations that we needed to keep the larger venue, but we did have enthusiastic registrants, we have rented a house an hour from the Spokane airport and will have a program that will lead to an Usui III in the future.  We have space for a few more people.  The program will include reviewing the work of the Usui III in Moscow 2016, discussions and exploration of questions such as:  Does the teaching of a healing art differ from the sharing of a spiritual practice?  The cost is $1800.00 including bed, meals, and meetings.     F or information and registration contact  Kandy Brandt
We are Sacred Earth - 
Global Reiki Webinars, a program of webinars provided by Phyllis Furumoto and Rachel Goldberg is completing its second year of broadcast with an active facebook page:  Globalreikiwebinars.   In June, Phylis and Rachel are offering an in-person experience near Chicago USA.  Our premise we hold is:  Reiki brings us to value our relationship to the Earth and all living beings.  During this international gathering, we will strengthen this connection, bringing healing to ourselves, our earth, and our global community.  Come and join us for this long weekend in a gorgeous outdoor setting.  

OGM Retreat 
COD Ranch  Tucson AZ

Registration information coming to you soon.  One hour from the Tucson airport, the Ranch is up in the mountains north of Tucson.  Cooler than the Valley with great views.  August 16-20 2017