Dear MCPK Community,

We are already a week into August—it’s hard to believe it, but the summer is flying by! We would like to share a few pieces of important information and key dates, as you make travel and childcare plans for the rest of the summer.

·        The first day of school for MCPK students will now be Thursday, September 10th
*The Montclair Board of Education has changed the first day of school from 9/8/20 until 9/10/20 to allow for more staff preparation. MCPK follows the Montclair Public School Calendar, so we will also change our first day. We will send home the full 2020-2021 School Calendar in your Welcome Packet.

·        Teaching Teams will still do our traditional Home Visits this year. All visits will be outside the family home or in an another outdoor location, with social distancing and masks worn by staff, students and family members. Virtual Home Visits with the teaching team will also be an option.  Once you receive your child’s classroom placement and welcome packet, teachers will begin reaching out to schedule visits from the week of August 24 through the week of September 7th.

·        MCPK, and all NJ public schools, will follow the New Jersey travel restrictions to limit a local outbreak of COVID-19. If a student, family member of a student or staff member travels to a state on the restricted list, they must self-quarantine for 14- days. Currently, the list has thirty-five (35) states listed as restricted states, but the list is continuously changing. Please be aware that you may travel to a state that is not on the list, but during your stay is put on the restricted list. The self-quarantine requirements will impact your child’s ability to attend at MCPK. We know this may impact some of your travel plans and we appreciate your cooperation as we strive to create a safe environment for our students and staff.

We are so excited to see you all in September!