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A Note from Julie
The geeky anticipation of meeting a new client
In less than a month, I am doing the Tour of the Lakes bike ride, an annual ride in the Brainerd Lakes area. I do the short version which is 35 miles, and I always get excited anticipating what the day will bring as each year's
experience is different.
Just like the bike ride, I'm still filled with geeky anticipation when I start working with a new client - even after 25 years as a Certified Financial Planner ® . As we dig into their packet of documents (tax returns, account statements, insurance policies, etc.), what will we find in the details?  What are their goals for education, retirement or leaving a legacy? As we develop the financial plan, we look beyond the numbers so we can learn about the lives of our clients, and what is important to each of them. It is our job to look at every detail and make projections to help them realize their dreams.
I have come across many different circumstances which need to be incorporated in the financial plan, like a potential inheritance, business assets to account for or possibly planning to provide for a child with special needs. The last one is near and dear to me as I have a 28-year-old daughter with special needs.
No matter the situation or scenario, we build it all into the plan and then stress test it to make sure the plan is torpedo proof! To us detail-oriented geeks, this is fun and important work.

Tranche 1: Why Seven Years?
At Caissa, we use a unique Tranches of Income approach to investments. This segments your future withdrawal needs into three 'Tranches' or timeframes, helping to reduce anxiety about getting through the next market dip. 

Our first Tranche includes one to seven years of cash flow needs. But how did we come up with that strategy? Read our 'Chart of the Month' blog post to learn why
What Does CFP ® Mean?
Anyone can call themselves a financial planner. But being a "Certified Financial Planner" is a cut above, requiring the highest level of competency, ethics and professionalism.

At Caissa, Kelly and Julie are both CFP ® professionals.   Click here to read Julie's explanation of the distinction.
Torpedo Proofing Your Retirement Vision
"Torpedoes" are unpredictable financial events that can derail your retirement vision. How do we "torpedo proof"your plan?

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Expect more from your financial advisor.