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A Note from Kelly
Over the past week, you've probably heard that Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has been testifying before Congress about his company's complicity in the information (or disinformation) flowing through Facebook, among other more salacious things. 
It's been really interesting to bear witness to all the forms of communication these days. It's hard to keep up! And there were a few of our elder Senators who clearly hadn't visited a Facebook page before.
At Caissa, we have many avenues of communication in addition to our monthly newsletter and email updates. Check them out below: 
  • Our Facebook page is where you can find more info on what Caissa has been up to, like our annual charity campaign and recent media interviews. You may even get a chuckle out of a funny meme or two... there's a lot of opportunities to make fun of us finance geeks. Click here to follow us.
  • Our LinkedIn page shows the more serious side of Caissa. There you can find more heavy financial content, like Kelly's recent Wall Street Journal and Retirement Weekly articles. Click here to follow us.
  • Our NEW website will roll out in a few months, featuring new portals, videos, and educational pieces. Our blog is also on the website which is where all of our past newsletter pieces are published. 
  • We also Skype! When you're out of town or don't feel like driving through a snowstorm to see us, we host virtual meetings. If you're interested, let us know next time you schedule a meeting.
Caissa in the News
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Chart of the Month: Putting Market Dips in Perspective
Did you know that on average for the past 40 years, the market drops 14% at some point each year? And much of the time, the market ends up higher for the year. 

Can you Deduct your Home Equity Line of Credit?
If you have a line of credit on your house, you may be wondering if you can deduct the interest on next year's tax return. 

We have the answers for you! Read our summary of the rules here

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