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A Note From Caissa
Caissa has been on the move (literally) as we are   constantly implementing what we consider our differentiating services!

This week, Greg and I traveled to NYC to review our portfolio managers who reside there (and there are a lot!). The meetings were great and solidified why we work with each of them. You really do have to meet them face to face to understand exactly what our investments are doing. 

Throughout the year, as these markets are hitting new highs we have been taking profits to keep our Tranches of Income in line for clients. It will be these tranches that will help our clients know exactly what to expect in a downturn (and in this rising market!). We talk a LOT about tranches with our retirement age clients especially. If you have a minute or two, check out our whiteboard video to learn about it. I think it's fascinating, but I'm a geek. J

And of course, we are constantly torpedo proofing every meeting through our financial planning. We will be setting up client meetings throughout the rest of the year for tax planning and an IPS review. I look forward to seeing you!!
Kelly, Julie, Denise and Merissa

P.S. Please click on the links in the newsletter below to see what we have been doing!
Caissa Investments: Market Update
Investment Due Dilignece: New York City
Greg Pierce and I traveled to NYC for our in person due diligence meetings. It is part of our investment committee policy that we meet with our investment managers IN PERSON for periodic analysis of the management. It is in these meetings we are able to ask tough questions and get information that may not be readily available to investors through publications or fact sheets. We get up to the minute decisions and directions the portfolios are going and we are able to asses if they are doing a great job, or just getting lucky.

Caissa's Tranches of Income Process
Removing anxiety and providing peace of mind
Sick of Stock Market Anxiety? Always waiting for the market to tank?

Caissa has a solution for that! Check our short whiteboard video explaining how we take the stress out of the equation for clients.

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