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A Note From Caissa

It was not our first trip to the ER, but it was our first broken bone. It was a quick visit thankfully. The doctor was very thorough, knowledgeable and checked in with the orthopedic expert to make sure we were treating the break properly. I had full faith that Dillon was getting great care. When it came time to set the break, the staff was exceptional...exceeding my expectations. They turned his attention to  Lego Batman on the iPad and focused on decreasing his fear and anxiety of what the doctor was about to do. Before we knew it, we were on our way home.

As we were driving home, I started to ponder (like the financial nerd that I am) the ROI (value) of the care we just received. After all, we only saw the doctor for about 6 minutes, right?   But what I didn't see happening behind the scenes is that the ER Doctor consulted with the orthopedic doctor as well as the radiologist reading the x-ray. While she was doing all of this, the nurses were caring for Dillon for pain management and even giving him a cereal bar because he was starving. So if I look at what we received for care vs. the price we may be paying for it, we have to take into consideration that the doctor spent 8-10 years educating herself to diagnose us and has many years of expertise, as did the Orthopedic, the radiologist and let's not forget the invaluable resources of the nurses.   At the end of the day, the peace of mind, their expertise and their care is incredibly valuable, although often overlooked, and not something you can itemize on a bill.

This is something we discuss a lot at Caissa.  There is an immense amount of services rendered behind the scenes that often times go without acknowledgment, and we would like to help our clients understand what that means to them. 

There are numerous cases where we have spent countless hours researching a strategy for a client only to find out that, no, we really do not think it is in their best interest to implement that strategy. Because we did not "implement" something, it may seem like our analysis didn't provide value; but we disagree. We feel this is an invaluable service for our clients as the decision to do nothing may have saved them hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We constantly walk through scenarios to try and make everything about our clients' financial board of life a better situation. It is our job as your personal CFO.

This is a major reason that in 2018, one of our goals is to roll out a client report that will track ALL of the services, analysis, last torpedo proofing session and the results, money lost/saved, etc. on a periodic basis. This will hopefully help our clients understand what they have engaged us to do and how they are receiving it. Clients have always been able to "Expect More" from the team at Caissa as we are fiercely dedicated to your financial wellbeing - now we are documenting the proof! Look forward to this rollout in late 2018!
Kelly, Julie, Denise and Merissa

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