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A Note From Caissa
Gobble, gobble....

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and 
were stuffed to the gills with turkey! Many of you likely spent the first part of the holiday scurrying around preparing for the big meal, check ing your lists, hovering over the tur key to make sure it was done properly and adding spices to make it perfect.  

Likewise, toward the end of the year, that is what Caissa is doing with our clients. We are checking off our lists to make sure RMDs are all distributed, gifts have been sent to charities and most of all... that our accounts are properly prepared for taxes. This mean s we have harvested any losses we can to offset gains and that we have been rebalancing the assets so we didn't get grossly out of whack during a year where we had such a great market run up. Hence, we are spicing our "turkeys" to be "just right." 

This year we are preparing clients that there may be more taxable gains than you are used to in the past. We have been shaving off profits in bountiful markets as well as having capital gains distributions coming out in December (great for income, not fun for taxes).

So we've made our lists and are checking them twice, ok about 10 times. If you have any questions about year end planning, now is the time to connect with us. We've been meeting with all of the clients this last quarter and have had these discussions. In January, we will send out information on your income for 2017 to each of you as well as your accountants, per your request.

Happy Holidays!!!

Kelly, Julie, Denise and Merissa

P.S. Don't forget to click on the links in the newsletter below...we have an awesome whiteboard video we created and can't wait to hear what you think!
Market Update: Unemployment Still Declining
What does this mean for 2018?
Wage inflation is one of the leading indicators of an inflationary economy - one that the Fed desperately works to keep from OVER inflating or NOT inflating enough. The rate of interest is the main tool they use for this.

Reducing Your Tax Bill
Tax Loss Harvesting
Whenever possible, Caissa uses a strategy called "Tax Loss Harvesting" to help reduce the amount our clients owe for taxes due to large investment gains.

Check out the whiteboard video we created about this strategy...

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