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Newsletter  22 March 2023| Issue 2023-03

The Chinese Characters: Simplified Versus Traditional

If you learned Chinese, you must have encountered this question: do you learn Chinese in simplified or traditional characters?

It is interesting to know the differences and the historical background. The short article "SIMPLIFIED VERSUS TRADITIONAL CHINESE CHARACTERS" by Cheng and Tsui explains it very well.

You might be curious about the above Chinese characters of "listen" and "love". Watch the following video towards the end to meet your curiosity. You will not only learn the origin of Chinese characters but also find out the profound meanings in them.

The 24 Solar Terms:

Vernal Equinox, March 21 

(chūn fēn 春分)

On this day there is an equal length of day and night. A mysterious tradition for this day is to make a raw egg stand up on a hard and smooth surface. It is believed that this can be done only on this day.

For this issue, we picked a song named Vernal Equinox to share with you how the young generation of artists interpret ancient tradition with music. The singer's name is Ziyu Wang.

Herbal teas for this term (March 21 - April 5):

  1. Walnut, sugar, green tea(3:5:2)

Instruction: Numbers indicate portions of each herb or ingredient. Soak herbs in hot water for a few minutes. Honey or crystal sugar can be added for sweetness. 

CSCCI Receives a Grant from Pacific Life Foundation

On 27 February 2023, CSCCI was awarded a grant of $5,000 by the Pacific Life Foundation to support CSCCI's general operations. Together with Pacific Life, the Pacific Life Foundation has made philanthropic investments totaling more than $133 million to nonprofits over the past three decades.

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