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Keeping You Informed Of Chinese Culture In Colorado Springs

Newsletter  22 February 2023| Issue 2023-02

The Chinese New Year Festival was successfully held in Colorado Springs!

The Year of the Rabbit has arrived in Colorado Springs! The CSCCI hosted the New Year Celebration from 10 am to 4 pm on the 21st of January 2023 in the City Auditorium. It is estimated that about 1,300 people attended this event and enjoyed Chinese food, tea, arts, music, and many performances. Thanks to all of the sponsors, volunteers, and performers, the audience had opportunities to watch the following performances in between visiting various booths of supporting organizations:

  • Chinese Language School & CILA Students Yo-Yo & Fan Dance
  • Gushikawa
  • Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu - Lion Dance and Kung Fu
  • Christina Yeh Dance Studio
  • Aerial Aura
  • Taiko Society
  • U.S. Taekwondo Center
  • Liping Woods, Erhu music
  • Rocky Mountain Women's Film, and
  • Philharmonic Musicians. 

Click this link to watch the TV coverage from 11 News, a local TV station in Colorado Springs.

The 24 Solar Terms:

Rain Water, February 19th 

(yǔ shuǐ 雨水)

There is an increase in rainfall starting this term. Perhaps there will be more snow in Colorado. However, you can feel the warmth in the air. Spring is coming.

For this issue, we picked another Chinese dish for you to try at home: Egg and Tomato Stir-Fry.

In this video, Chef Wang teaches you how to make a favorite Chinese dish in six different ways. Although he speaks Chinese, there are English subtitles for the video. It is entertaining to watch how Chef Wang cooks.

Herbal teas for this term (Feb. 19 - March. 6):

  1. White Chrysanthemum flowers, green tea, and sugar (1:2:1)

Instruction: Numbers indicate portions of each herb. Soak herbs in hot water for a few minutes. Honey or crystal sugar can be added for sweetness. 

Photo Gallery of the 2023 Chinese New Year Celebration in Colorado Springs

Photographers: Daniel Selman & Paco Romero

PO Box 2625

Colorado Springs, CO 80901


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