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Keep You Informed Of Chinese Culture In Colorado Springs

Newsletter  20 January 2023| Issue 2023-01

Chinese New Year: What do the Chinese do?

The Year of Rabbit will arrive on the 22nd of January 2023. This marks the most important holiday among the Chinese. What do they do during this holiday?

  • Travel for family reunions. In today's China, it's likely that more than 200 million people traveling for this holiday.
  • Have a gourmet family dinner on the eve of the New Year.
  • Play a lot of fireworks (especially this year for some reason) at midnight of the eve.
  • Visit families and friends starting from New Year's day.
  • Visit lantern exhibitions on the 15th day of the New Year, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

The first video below shares the origin of the Chinese New Year and some traditions. The second one shows how the Chinese celebrate it in modern society in Hong Kong.

Major Cold, January 20th 

(dà hán 大寒)

"Major Cold" is the coldest time of the year. It happens to be just a couple of days before the Chinese New Year (Jan. 22nd). Perhaps learn to make a Chinese dish during your weekends in this cold season. Here is one I picked for you to try at home: Sweet and Sour Pork.

In this video, Chef Wang teaches you how to make an authentic, classic Chinese dish. Although he speaks Chinese, there is an English subtitle for the video.

Herb teas for this term (Jan. 20 - Feb. 4):

  1. Rose flowers and Pu'er tea(8:3)

Instruction: Numbers indicate portions of each herb. Soak herbs in hot water for a few minutes. Honey or crystal sugar can be added for sweetness. 

How does an ordinary Chinese family in a small southwestern town celebrate their New Year?

If you have time, this documentary "Four Springs" presents a fantastic perspective on Chinese New Year and family life.

To further introduce the tea culture and history to our readers, this documentary shares a lot about the magic leaves.

Events & Announcements

21 January 2023

The celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival at the City Auditorium in Colorado Springs. 

Click here to check out the details of the 24th Chinese New Year celebration in Colorado Springs and get your tickets online here.

There are a couple of other celebrations in Colorado on different dates. Check them out with a good feast for this special event. Click the link below for more information or registration.

PO Box 2625

Colorado Springs, CO 80901


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