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Keep You Informed Of Chinese Culture In Colorado Springs

Newsletter  22 November 2022| Issue 2022-05 

What Defines Chinese Culture?

Like most cultures in the world, Chinese culture is a mixture of many indigenous and foreign philosophies and religions over the past three thousand years. Each of these influences could use a book to illustrate. This short compilation, however, intends to list a few main forces that shape present Chinese culture, which guides the Chinese people's daily activities in China and overseas. (Click the following links for a 5-minute video touch on these fundamental ideas that guide more than a billion people.)

  • Confucianism, the core value of family.
  • Daoism, the harmony between human beings and nature.
  • Buddhism, the human suffering and the truth of the world.
  • Christianity, a surprising rise in China.

If you prefer to read about Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism, click below "Read more" and find recommended further readings..

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Minor Snow, November 22nd 

(xiǎo xuě 小雪)

Snow begins to fall, the weather becomes cold.

Herb teas for this term (Nov. 22 - Dec. 7):

  1. Mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, and green tea (1:1:1)
  2. Ginger slice, dried dates, tangerine peel, and green tea (1:1:1:1)

Instruction: Numbers indicate portions of each herb. Soak herbs in hot water for a few minutes. Honey or crystal sugar can be added for sweetness. 

How do Chinese Americans adapt to their new environment?

Since they first came to the US in the 1840s, Chinese immigrants have adapted to American society while maintaining some of their cultures or even introducing their culture to the Americans. Click this article to read more about what Chinese Americans have kept from their cultures.

  • Cuisine
  • Traditional costumes
  • Dances and songs
  • Family and community dynamics
  • Language
  • Religion

Events & Announcements

21 January 2023

The celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival has been updated to Saturday, January 21st, 2023. The Community Cultural Collective will be hosting a select number of cultural events at the City Auditorium prior to its planned renovation in early 2023…and CSCCI's Festival made that select list. We will therefore be staging the Festival back at the City Auditorium just prior to the start of renovations.

Click here to check out the details of the 24th Chinese New Year celebration in Colorado Springs. 

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