Success Story
Kathy* has been coming to CCB for nearly 2 years. When she first came to CCB, she had recently lost one of her sons to a drug overdose. She was deep in the grieving process and unable to stop crying or even leave the house. She also suffered from intense anxiety about the safety of her other loved ones. She felt intense fear that she would never be
herself again. Her physician referred her to CCB because he believed she would benefit from therapy.

Kathy and her therapist worked to help her better understand the grieving process, and to process her own unique experience of grief and loss. They also used some different therapies to help process the trauma and anxiety that came from her loss. Kathy reported that the most helpful thing was her relationship with her therapist. She has stated that she
does not know what she would do without her therapist, who is the perfect fit for her. Now, Kathy has many coping strategies she can use to self soothe when feeling sad or anxious. She can accept her grief without judgment and makes time to process it through journaling or prayer. She has found ways to move forward while still remembering her son. She can spend time with her family with less worry and is able to better connect with her loved ones. She recognizes that life will never be quite the same without her son, but she is able to find hope in this new version of her life.

*Name changed for privacy
Catholic Charities Bloomington Update
Sara Farmer
Grace Theofanis
Catholic Charities Bloomington was recently added two new staff members. Sara Farmer and Grace Theofanis have joined the team of experienced and caring therapists. Both worked as interns at CCB and we are thrilled to be able to add them to the team full-time.

Sara is committed to issues of mental health and addiction with children, young adults, and families. She specializes in play therapy, trauma-based interventions, attachment-based therapy, and narrative-based therapies. 

Grace is dedicated to supporting children, young adults, and families who are navigating the challenges of various forms of trauma. She specializes in attachment, play therapy, and motivational interviewing.

Please join us in welcoming these two talented individuals to Catholic Charities Bloomington.
Azzip Pizza Fundraiser
Catholic Charities Bloomington is participating in the Azzip Pizza Pot of Dough Fundraiser. Now through November 30th , when you use our special code at checkout Catholic Charities Bloomington will receive 5% of your pre-tax food and beverage purchase. This offer applies to both in person and online orders. You can find a flyer on our website or use the code “CATHOLICBL” at online checkout. Be sure to enjoy a pizza or two this fall and help support Catholic Charities Bloomington.
Watch the National Storyteller of the Year Speak at our Annual Benefit
On August 20th, Catholic Charities Bloomington held a virtual Annual Benefit. This was to replace the annual breakfast typically held in the spring but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests tuned in to see Madison Gonzalez, National Storyteller of the Year, share her story about overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety. CCB Clinical Director O’Connell Case shared an update on the state of the agency and how we have adapted to serve clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to view the discussion, click the video below.
Save the Date!
Archdiocese of Indianapolis Legacy Gala
Date: Friday, April 16th, 2021
Time: 6:00pm
Location: J.W. Marriot Indianapolis
Details: The first annual Archdiocese of Indianapolis Legacy Gala benefitting Catholic Charities, Catholic Schools and Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary

Catholic Charities Bloomington Annual Benefit
Date: Spring 2021
Time: 8:00am
Location: Ivy Tech Bloomington
Details: More information and registration will be available in early 2021
Fight Homelessness and
Provide Mental Health Services