April 2, 2022
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Ramadan Mubarak!
DAAD USA wishes all those who celebrate a safe and healthy Ramadan!
Important Dates & Deadlines for DAAD Programs, Scholarships, & Grants

As of now, we expect all funding, programs and internships below to resume as planned. For any updates, please visit the funding page and www.daad.org.

Important Dates and Application Deadlines:
April 5: Germany Close Up

To view our informational video on what programs, scholarships, and grants DAAD USA has to offer students, please click here!
DAAD Programs, Scholarships, and Grants
North American Jews Meet Modern Germany
Germany Close Up

"Germany Close Up – North American Jews Meet Modern Germany" is an interactive cultural program for Jewish students and young professionals from North America aged 18 to 40. Participants will engage in an in-depth discussion on Germany's reflection on and remembrance of its past as well as its modern-day political system and society. This 9-day program will take place in Germany.
Application Deadline: April 5

Call for Applications
Become a Young Ambassador!

DAAD’s Young Ambassadors deadline is approaching! Young Ambassadors are undergraduate students who recently studied abroad in Germany (even if for less time than planned, virtually, or this coming summer) and promote study in Germany at their home colleges/universities with help from DAAD. Only one student may be nominated per university.
Application deadline: April 20

Call for Applications
Become a Research Ambassador!

DAAD North America is pleased to announce the call for applications for the next round of Research Ambassadors, a group of informed and enthusiastic experts and advisers on research opportunities in Germany. Research Ambassadors are scholars and scientists in North America who have conducted advanced long-term research projects in Germany and are interested in promoting research in Germany at their home universities and among their peers and students.
Application deadline: May 1

Apply for Funding
German Studies Research Grants

German Studies Research Grants are awarded for one to two months to highly qualified US and Canadian undergraduate and graduate students nominated by their department/program chairs.
Application deadline: May 1

German Network Opportunities and Events
Transatlantic Tandem Talk
Robo Judges Ruling Over Humans? AI, Law and Ethics 

In this Transatlantic Tandem Talk by the University of Cologne New York Office and its partners, including DAAD and the DWIH, Prof. Frauke Rostalski, Professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Philosophy of Law and Comparative Law at the University of Cologne, and Prof. Frank Pasquale, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, will address legal and ethical questions on the deployment of Artificial Intelligence tools in highly sensitive fields such as criminal justice, HR, or banking.
Live virtual event: April 21

SRH Heidelberg
International Data Science Summer School

Join SRH University Heidelberg for its 1st International Data Science Summer School on campus funded by DAAD for selected students. The Data Science Summer School offers a thematically broad introduction into the world of practical Data Science. It is a combination of theoretical and practical workshops in data science, data engineering, and data analytics, with a strong focus on applications in business and industry.
Application deadline: June 30

Sound Understanding Spotlight: Martina Bárta
This year's Sound Understanding concert at New York's Carnegie Hall will feature several talented musicians who are currently living in the US as DAAD Music Fellows! Among them is the Prague born, Berlin-based Martina Bárta. She has performed on exciting projects in Europe and the United States, and in 2017, she represented her home country of the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Click on the thumbnail to watch the music video for her song, "My Turn," and visit our website to learn more about this year's Sound Understanding concert!
Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Enroll in one of our international Master degrees at Coburg University (Bavaria):
We are an internationally oriented, welcoming university with an ideal study environment and the integrated 20-week internship will help you to kick-start your professional career in Germany.

ESB Business School at Reutlingen University
Study Truly International in Germany
ESB Business School offers top-ranked undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes in business administration and business engineering (German and/or English), providing a strong network of partner companies and international partner universities all over the world.

Universität Bayreuth

From 4 - 15 July 2022, the Bayreuth International Summer School will be hosting students from all over the world for our interdisciplinary program back on campus in Bayreuth, Germany. The Summer School offers specially designed courses, each one focusing on one of the main research areas of the University of Bayreuth.

Online Event
Career Paths at German Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)

Join UAS7, a group of 7 German UAS, for our International Roadshow to learn more about our professorships. Get valuable insights from UAS7 presidents and professors on opportunities, eligibility and processes. The event is in English and free of charge. RSVP required – register now!

International Summer University Marburg 2022

“Germany and Europe in a Turbulent World – History, Politics, Society and Culture”

Join us in Marburg and spend four weeks:

  • Learning German
  • Attending seminars on German and European Politics and History
  • Joining field trips

July 25 –August 19, 2022

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