June 27, 2020
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We will be taking a break from our weekly newsletter next weekend. We wish you, your family, friends, and colleagues a peaceful and restorative 4th of July weekend! 

Important Dates & Deadlines for DAAD Programs, Scholarships, & Grants

As of now, we expect all funding, programs and internships below to resume as planned. For any updates, please visit the funding page and www.daad.org.

New Programs and Upcoming Deadlines
New Program for Transatlantic Cooperation
International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC)

IVAC, DAAD's new funding opportunity, provides practical support to instructors and strategic support to universities through tapping into digital possibilities. T he aim of IVAC is to develop and expand international higher education partnerships and worldwide mobility. Please visit the project funding page on our website for more information on the new program. The deadline to apply is July 16th.
New Program for Transatlantic Cooperation
Germanistische Institutspartnerschaften (GIP)

With the call for applications to GIP, the DAAD wishes to promote cooperation between institutions offering Germanistik and/or Deutsch als Fremdsprache at German universities and their partner institutions abroad. Please click on the link provided below for more information on the new program. The deadline to apply is August 20th.
DAAD Network
DWIH New York

Inspired by protests in the US and worldwide against racial injustice and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many more, DWIH New York is working to find new ways to represent the diversity of German Innovation. Through June 30th, they will highlight underrepresented scholars in the German community, committing to promote the full breadth of German science and research in their online events and communications. Do you know someone you would like to nominate? Click below for more information.

Episode 20 Out Today
Coffee Connections Podcast

Hanni Geist of DAAD's San Francisco Information Point has produced another episode in her DAAD podcast series, "Coffee Connections." Tune in this weekend as the newest episode is released! Available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher.

Travel and Tourism in the EU
"Re-open EU:" new web platform

For the latest information regarding the "re-opening" of EU countries, check the new web platform created by the European Union Commission. "Re-open EU" contains essential information on borders, mandated quarantines, and more, allowing for a safe relaunch of free movement and tourism across Europe. Please click on the link below for more information.

Did you know...
Germans enjoy spaghetti ice cream?

It is finally summertime in the northern hemisphere and for Germans that means indulging in one of their favorite pastimes: Eis essen! But spaghetti ice cream? The name might seem misleading. Germany is a diverse nation with a long history of immigration, and as such, the cuisine reflects the contributions of the many immigrant groups who have lived and worked there for many generations. Spaghettieis is a novelty treat that was created in 1969 by Dario Fontanella, son of an Italian immigrant and owner of an ice cream parlor in Mannheim. The method uses a spaetzle press to squeeze vanilla ice cream through it to create the spaghetti-esque strands, a one-of-a-kind summer treat you're unlikely to find anywhere else in the world, but will surely spot outside every Eisdiele across Germany.

Truly International – Study at ESB Business School!

Do you want to study in a truly international setting in Germany, Europe’s strongest economy? Come to ESB Business School! We offer top-ranked undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes in business management and business engineering (German and/or English), providing a strong network of partner companies and international partner universities.

Study Technology Management --
Shape the Future!

At the NIT in Hamburg, Germany you learn how to tackle management tasks responsibly. Our program in Technology Management (M.A./MBA) prepares you for the requirements of an increasingly digitalized working environment. The modular course content enables you to study in part-time. Apply at the NIT and be part of our international commuNITy! 

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