August 5, 2020 
Reopening Schools in the Fall... 
Dr. Watts sent a communication on Monday with a reopening plan for KSD in the Fall.  This plan has not been bargained with any of KSD's labor groups, so it's important to keep in mind that this plan may change. The District felt that they needed to communicate with our community so that they could have some idea of what to expect in the Fall.  
In the meantime, a small team of KEA leaders have met with KSD to bargain the working conditions of the plan. We have met three times this week, and will meet again on Friday.  One of the topics up for bargaining is the student schedule. It would help KEA's team immensely if you could answer the few questions on this survey by the end of the day on Thursday, August 6.  
For staff who work primarily with elementary students, please take this elementary survey
For staff who work primarily with secondary students, please take this secondary survey.
We are getting close to finalizing the plan.   Below are the main topics that we have been discussing.  If you have input on the KSD reopening plan, we would love to hear from you.  
Entering Your Workplace... 
We have heard from many members that they would like to access their classroom and/or offices for resources and materials.  Some have expressed an interest in teaching remotely from their classrooms or workspace.  KEA has advocated for those members and the district is now working on a protocol for entering KSD buildings.  The protocol will ensure that all health guidelines are followed.  Priority access will be given to teachers who moved classrooms or are new to the district.   
Learning and Communication Platforms 
This topic has been difficult��  The District has been told by OSPI that they must choose a single learning management platform for the convenience of students and families.  Since KSD already purchased the rights to Canvas, this is the platform that was reported to OSPI.   
We have heard loud and clear that Canvas is not the platform of choice by many of our elementary teachers, as well as, some additional KEA staff members. It is possible to have supplemental platforms. Thank you to those who have written KEA with suggestions. The IT Department is currently reviewing additional software resources, and hopefully they will have a decision soon.   
Changing Guidelines 
Today at 3:00 p.m., the Governor and OSPI held a press conference and some things may have already changed by the time you read this message. 

Bargaining Update
The KEA Bargaining Team will be meeting again tomorrow to submit another salary proposal.  For a District with a  60 million dollar ending fund balance, plus another 7 million in CARES money; it shouldn't be this hard to give educators the money that they are still owed by this District!
Take care and stay safe!