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Thank you for your continued support as an advisory member for Mission Valley ROP's Arts, Media, and Entertainment Programs. We want to stay connected with you and look forward to upcoming collaborations in the near future.
Digital Photography -
Anthony Dimaano
(James Logan High School)

In Animation, students are finishing up animation shots done in the 8-bit retro video game style. The results of their work have been impressive and the students are enjoying the creative process.

Beginning Photography students are learning to work with various natural and artificial lighting techniques and are exploring the world of fine art photography. The course has really developed their peeking interest in photography and growing passion.

Advanced Photography students are exploring various fields and careers in photography. Recently they finished a a fashion photography unit project featuring "Lady Mayra Clothing." Students also created a product and advertising photography unit project for "Instax Mini 8." Mr. Dimaano has witnessed so much growth with this class and their passion and creativity for photography is clearly demonstrated in the advanced work they have produced this past school year.

Digital Video Arts - Walter Cruz

This year in the Digital Video Arts Class, Mr. Cruz' class has had access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud which is benefiting the students because now they can learn how to develop their projects using different software for specific tasks. They have a complete new set of cameras and the necessary accessories to provide an experience that mimics a professional. Students can now work on projects in HD and 4K resolution and Mr. Cruz is improving the workflow with the sound design and animation classes. The following video is a example of that collaboration:  https://youtu.be/d9oa4Tf5BK8

Students submitted some of their work to the SLED Shorties Film Festival organized by the San Leandro Education Foundation and the results were impressive.

Finalist in their categories
"Hey What's That"  https://youtu.be/9GEv81sCSUI 
"So Special"  https://youtu.be/9CxOMOFK1xI 

Winner in the Narrative category
"The Currents of Society"  https://youtu.be/wAIKvEC7Qf4

For next year, Mr. Cruz is further expanding updates to the equipment with more 4K capable cameras, stabilization accessories, and action cameras. The goal is to develop a broad learning experience for the students where they can learn how to use different equipment for different purposes.

Motion Graphics
Digital Sound Design -
Ray McDonell

The Arts Media and Entertainment team of Instructors will be hosting the "AME Student Media Showcase" on Thursday,    June 1 from 6:30 - 8:00PM at Mission Valley ROP. Please join us.

Digital Sound Design is in end-of-the-year production and doing a lot of recording and editing using Audition CC, ProTools 8 and Cubase 8.5 . This year the second  year students are working on Audio Mastering using Izotope's Ozone 7 Production Bundle. In addition, we have purchased Pro Tools 12 and working with the vendor to get everything operational before next school year. We are looking forward to all of the amazing production that will be created in this class in the new school year.
Mr. McDonell's Motion Graphics class has been taking advantage of Adobe CC's Master collection focusing on Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Animate. The students are using the latest versions of all the Adobe products and are learning all the latest tricks. They are also focusing on file/format/OS conversions/limitations, as well as, file compression formats and metadata.
The Arts Media and Entertainment Instructors at the ROP center has been working on collaborations with Game Design, Computer Animation and Digital Video Production. 

The collaboration between the classes really sparked up interest between each group. The students are starting to understand the complexity of the tasks required for a collaborative production and the necessity for project management and meeting deadlines.

We are excited for what is come for our Arts Media and Entertainment classes in the near future. The students are producing some outstanding and creative work and we are looking forward to what they will be presenting at the "AME Student Media Showcase" on June 1st. Please make sure you "save the date" so you won't miss it!
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