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Thank you for your continued support as an advisory member for Mission Valley ROP's Culinary Arts Course. We want to stay connected with you and look forward to upcoming collaborations in the near future.
Class Updates - Chef Mari Moschetti (Kennedy High School)

Chef Moschetti's Green Ventures Academy students have been on two field trips in February. The sophomores went to AT&T business park in San Ramon for a STEM job shadow program where they were able to get involved with app development, programming, and getting their resumes reviewed by mentors. The students had a fun time and learned a lot interacting with the mentors.

The juniors and seniors went to the Steinbeck Museum House in Salinas where they collaborated with their Academy English class and Catering and Event Planning class. After touring the museum, everyone was treated to lunch at the John Steinbeck House restaurant. The chef spoke to the class about various events which occur at the house, they toured the kitchen, and had a Q&A session with the chef about his experiences and education. The field trip was both educational and fun for all who attended.
 Class Updates - Chef Chris Skrocke (Newark Memorial High School)

Chef Skrocke is starting workplace skills with his students which include resume and cover letter writing, researching potential workplaces, and using the new computer cart.

In February, the advanced culinary class produced food for Mission Valley ROP's annual Educators Brunch which was attended by over 30 counselors and administrators from all three school districts in the Tri-City area. The attendees were delighted to partake in chicken and biscuits, brown butter oatmeal with mango, and fruit salad parfaits.

The Culinary 1 class tried some new recipes that exposed students to foods from different cultures. They made "sinangag" a Philippine breakfast item which is garlic fried rice with fried egg and vinegar sauce.

Class Updates - Chef Shaleah Nelson (Conley-Caraballo High School)

For Valentines Day, the students in Chef Nelson's class made crepes to feed the whole school, which was a big hit and a great experience in prepping and serving for 200 people!

In addition, the students learned about making chiffon cakes which included frosting and piping decorations. They had a lot of fun working together to come up with their designs.

The students recently tried hand rolling sushi, which turned out to be a great new recipe for a vegan student in the class.

Class Updates - Chef Jacki Rosen (American High School)

Chef Rosen's class has been especially busy this year. Students created and catered a teacher lunch program which serves American Regional foods that included the following foods and the region it represents:

Loco Moco, pineapple slaw, and coconut cupcakes (Hawaii)
Cheesesteak sandwiches with baked parsnip chips and cheesecake (Philadelphia)
NY style pizza, wilted spinach salad, and black and white cookies (New York)

Chef Rosen and her students made 16 dozen cinnamon rolls for the staff to kick off the beginning of the 2nd semester. The delicious treat was enjoyed by all.

700 Oatmeal cookies were baked by Chef Rosen's class for the ROP promotions day at American High School which were devoured by the students.

Class Updates - Chef Craig Barnard (James Logan High School)

Chef Barnard and his students had a "Friday Filipino Feast" event where students from all 6 classes participated in the preparation and service of the following menu items:
  • lumpia
  • pancit
  • chicken adobo
  • mamom
  • champorado
Curriculum included dry and moist methods of preparation; rolling of lumpia that included a textbook method and several mother and grandmother methods. Acid sodium balance was demonstrated while preparing the adobo . Some regional dialects, customs, and foods were explained including discussion about diversity in the Philippines. One of the students said "This reminds me of childhood" which was the best quote of the day.

Class Updates - Chef Vivien Buhain (Washington High School)

The Culinary Arts classes, at WHS, have been hard at work learning important life skills and techniques that they will be able to apply in their daily lives. Two new class sections have been added at WHS at the beginning of the second semester. Classes will soon be taking their test on safety and sanitation in order to obtain their food handler's card.

Classes just finished a unit on "Spices, Seasoning, and Sensory Perception" which is a very important subject when it comes to cooking in the kitchen.  Next up for Culinary Arts is "International Cuisine," which will align with "Multicultural Week" at WHS. Yeasted doughs, pizza, and resume writing are still to come!

Recently, Chef Buhain had one of her classes help cater a small luncheon for MVROP and did a phenomenal job, wowing everyone with chicken mole, lemon bundt cake, and delicious chocolate chip cookies! The students in this class proved themselves ready to take on challenges with their professionalism, work ethics and being team players. 

Get involved by hosting a field trip or come in the classroom and be a guest speaker.
For more information please contact Chris Skrocke at cskrocke@mvrop.org.

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