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HPD and SKUSA Scrutineering Stock Moto Update
5 weeks ago,  after the second round of the SKUSA ProKart Challenge event in Willow Springs, both  SwedeTech and MRC customers had engines impounded by SKUSA National Tech director, John Motley.  At that time, SwedeTech, nor its customers, were given any indication of the offsite tech that was to take place.  Speculation and rumors circulated through the pits and social media that SKUSA was looking for additional timing gained illegally and masking of port work on the cylinder, using an illegal plating process.   To date, the lower ends have been returned to our SwedeTech customers, passing the additional scrutineer process by HPD.  To date, the cylinders have not been tested and are still in the possession of SKUSA Tech Director, John Motley.  We will keep you posted as we receive more news from SKUSA.
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