What's Happening at The Literacy & Learning Center

Gather up your dancing shoes and practice your Carolina Shag — the Swingin' Medallions are coming to town for The Literacy & Learning Center's spring fundraiser! Mark your calendars for an evening of toe-tapping tunes and a generous community spirit on Sunday, June 2nd, at The Farm at Old Edwards.

The Literacy & Learning Center is deeply grateful to a network of exceptional area organizations that play a vital role in enriching the lives of After-School Enrichment and Summer Camp students. These partnerships significantly expand the scope of learning opportunities, enabling students to grow as well-rounded individuals with a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Our current partners include The Bascom, Highlands Biological Station, Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust, IFC, Hudson Library, and Highlands-Cashiers Hospital.
Your generous support ensures The Literacy & Learning Center continues to be able to provide free programs to students of all ages. Visit our new Impact page to see our education programs by the numbers and learn more about the people you have made it possible for us to serve.
We are currently seeking a highly motivated and experienced GED (General Education Development) Teacher to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a passion for adult education, a strong background in GED instruction, and the ability to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

This new in-person course will be offered once a week for three months with the opportunity to extend based on performance and program needs.
We are currently seeking the collaboration of passionate teachers from surrounding schools for our summer camp program. If you have a flair for leading camps in areas such as art, academics, cooking, chess, STEM, or any other exciting subject, we invite you to be a part of our summer program. This is not just an opportunity to share your passion but also a chance to earn extra income during the summer break. 
The Literacy and Learning Center is seeking a dedicated and passionate individual to join our team as an Assistant Pre-K Teacher. This position is ideal for someone who possesses excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish, has a warm and nurturing personality, and is committed to fostering the growth and development of young children.
The Literacy & Learning Center's monthly program, Tinker Time for Tots, tailored to preschoolers and their caregivers focused on color for the February learning activities. These sessions aim to empower parents by demonstrating inventive ways to utilize everyday household items for their children's educational benefit. Both caregiver and child learn practical activities that can be seamlessly incorporated into their daily routines, fostering a rich learning environment at home.
Studies have shown the years leading up to Kindergarten are critical to a child's future success. These early years directly impact scores throughout a child's education and, at the core, build a lifelong love of learning. Because a child's first teacher is their parent, TL&LC's monthly sessions will showcase practical activities that parents can seamlessly incorporate into daily routines. This understanding fosters a rich learning environment at home, fostering a child's growth in language and literacy and overall social and emotional health.

Sensory Writing Trays
Friday, March 15
10 am

  • Storytime: Dive into the magical world of storytelling, where tales come alive with the help of colorful props and household items. This session enhances language development and fosters a love for literature.
  • Writing with Sand and Shaving Cream: Children can engage with the sensory materials that are held within shallow trays using their fingers or various tools such as pencils, paintbrushes, or other items to draw, write letters, or create numbers within the sensory medium.

Certification and Licensing Efforts Ongoing

Classroom Set-up in Progress

Curriculum Received

New Exit Door Installed

New Exit Signs Installed

Fire Code Updates Complete

New Hand-Washing Sink in Progress

Student Application Guidelines in Progress

You can help shape the future of TL&LC's pre-K program by contributing to our Amazon registry. Visit the link below to explore the items and make a meaningful difference in their education. In particular, the items that are currently at the top of our list include:

13 copies needed

However, every purchase, big or small, brings us closer to providing a nurturing environment for these children. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to their bright futures.