Women United affinity group of United Way of Knox County, Ohio
Newsletter December - January 2020
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Bags of Love

January 16, 2020
Ladies of Women United gathered at Mazza's for a meal and volunteer project.
Ladies assembled 30 diaper bags for new moms.
Bags were equipped with Diapers, Wipes, Bottles, Receiving Blankets, & Baby Bath Supplies.
The Bags were delivered to partners at The Knox County Health Department to be shared with moms visiting the WIC office.
We look forward to seeing new moms in the community enjoy the supplies.
Thank you ladies! More photos from the event are available on our Women United Facebook page .

Join Us for the Next Women United Event
Please join us for the next Women United Event.
In celebration of International Women's Day a Women United Luncheon is planned for March 5th at 11:30am at the Alcove. Email early to save a seat at the table.

Knoxworks uses funds from Women United Grant

T he Knoxworks Resources for Recovery Women United grant was awarded to Knoxworks in 2019 to be administered by Jessica of TouchePointe Marriage and Family Resources. We are pleased to share that the grant funds, which are to be administered to clients on an as-needed basis, have been utilized to help two hopeful clients.

The first recipient of funds is a young woman who has been drug-free for over a year and is currently enrolled in classes at COTC. Grant funds were used to purchase a laptop for the young woman. She has already completed orientation and started classes in January in Human Services. She wants to be a drug and alcohol counselor and she has a motivation that is not a force to be messed with! She has also been working with Knoxworks to get her driver’s license back and to have her felony removed from her record. As a single, working, mom, this client felt a laptop would help her keep up with her school work and we can all agreed!

Grant impact for the second client to benefit from the Women United funds was shared in a recent TouchPoint newsletter. The letter introduced Joe* (real name not used in the story). Joe completed the Knoxworks program in January 2019. He overcame several barriers during the program, not only taking to the program concepts preparing him for the workforce, but also gaining confidence, and ultiimately, employment. He opened a bank account, took steps to have his drivers licence reinstated, and gained access to a car. After months of positive progrssion, Joe hit a bump in the road - his car insurance company issued an unexpected fee. WHile paying the fee was vital to the bond that allowed his license to be reinstated, Joe did not have the funds to pay for it. Thanks to funds from the Women United grant, the fee was paid and Joe is happily able to continue to commute to work and work toward providing himself a good life.

We look forward to continuing to share community outcomes that this and other grants through Women United make possible.

Women United Grant Update:
Awareness Events

Women United members helped out at the Knox County Career Center ’s Holiday Bazaar in December.

The KCCC BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) student club hosts the Holiday Bazaar annually. The event has been supported by a Women United grant for three years. The club’s advisor, Mrs Brown invited Women United members to spend with students and help wrap free gifts that students select to give to a friend.

The BIONIC team was grateful for the help. The team sent home baked cookies to office as a thank you.
Save the date: 2020 Power of the Purse!
Friday, May 1st 2020
More info to come!

Join Us for another upcoming Women United Event
Please join us for the next Women United Event.
A Women in Recovery Luncheon is planned for April 16 at Noon at the Alcove. More details about the speakers will be shared in the March Newsletter. Email early to save a seat at the table.