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Cameron's Corner

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Greetings from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary!

By the time you get this email, I will be finishing up the final seminar with my cohort of classmates pictured above. A friend described our experience as “preacher camp,” and it certainly has many of the same characteristics: morning and evening worship, time to consider new perspectives and see new places, and lots of communal meals. Our time together has been rich, and I am thankful to be challenged to grow in ways I would not undertake on my own.

This Sunday as we travel back to the Upper Room where Jesus met with the disciples on the night he was betrayed. One of the promises he made was that the Holy Spirit would continue his work once Jesus was no longer physically among them. The Spirit would teach them and remind them of all Jesus had said to them.

Thank God that we are continually works in progress, being shaped by the Spirit even now. Join us in worship as God teaches us new things and reminds us of all we know to be true through Jesus Christ. 

In Christ,

Rev. Cameron Smith

This Week at YPPC

Elder of the Week: Mary Bowen. 843-554-5035 or 843-218-4018

Sunday, May 22

  • Sunday School: 9:45 AM
  • Worship: 11 AM (also, on Facebook and at yppc.org following worship)
  • Liturgist: Kristi Lynch
  • Guest Organist: Paula Carl
  • Fellowship: 12 PM provided by Felicia, Linda, and Grayson Newberry in honor of Grayson's 5/27 birthday & high school graduation
  • Session meeting: 12:30 PM

Monday, May 23

  • Sermon Starter Bible Study: 10:30 AM
  • Staff meeting following Bible Study

Tuesday, May 23

  • Stewardship Committee: 6:00 PM

Wednesday, May 25

  • Blood Drive: 12:30 PM - 5 PM
  • Handbells: 6 PM
  • Choir: 7:15 PM

Friday, May 27

  • Meals on Wheels: 9:45 AM delivered by Barbara Freeman
  • Weekly Update (e-news) sent to your e-mail: 6 PM

Saturday, May 28

  • Communicants Breakfast: 9 AM

Community Blood Drive at YPPC is May 25!

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Every day, blood donors help patients of all ages: accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those battling cancer. In fact, every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood!

In the coming week, we hope to help with a donation of a minimum of twenty-two pints of blood. With five days to go, nineteen people have signed up to donate. Three others have made verbal commitments.

It is not too late to make an appointment online by clicking the button below. Please enter the sponsor codeYeamansParkPres, when it is requested. 

Walk-ins also are welcome!

All YPPC donors will receive a Red Cross water bottle to help us stay hydrated while we save lives!

Also, on Sunday morning, Brandon Kenney, Account Manager, American Red Cross Blood Services – Coastal SC Region, will present a Minute for Mission and join us for Fellowship.

Save a life!  Please sign up!

Glorifying God

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This week's Scripture Lessons: *Psalm 67:1-7 and *John 14:23-29

*Click scripture links to read these passages in the NRSV Bible.

Sermon Title: "God Makes a Home"

Liturgists needed for worship

Liturgists lead the Call to ConfessionPrayer of ConfessionAssurance of Pardon, and the First Scripture Reading. A script will be provided in advance. If you would like, a time to practice in the sanctuary prior to the service will be available.

Sign up to be a Liturgist
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Worship is the work of the people. If you would like to participate in worship in the choir, as a guest musician, or by commissioning flower arrangements, please contact the church office.

Growing Disciples

Just 9 more days until our Memorial Day Fellowship!

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On Sunday, May 29, we will have a special hot dog fellowship in honor of Memorial Day sponsored by Congregational Ministries. In addition to lunch, children of all ages are invited to enjoy water games on the lawn - bring a friend, and come dressed to get wet! 

Our Prayer Chain is Growing! Have you signed up?

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Our Prayer Chain distribution list of those who wish to receive timely email prayer requests is growing! You may sign up by clicking the Add Me to the Prayer Chain button below.

Also, you may request a prayer by clicking below on the Add a Prayer Request button. Your prayer requests will not be shared on social media.

Ongoing prayer concerns, birthdays, and anniversaries will be shared in a monthly “Prayers and Praise” list in the bulletin and via email.

Add Me to the Prayer Chain
Add a Prayer Request

Facebook users…

Whether you’re someone who posts a lot or just observes, you can help spread the good news about what is happening at YPPC to others in your sphere of influence. Susan Walsh, our YPPC Facebook administrator, posts on Facebook our Weekly Update, our Sunday worship service and other posts during the week. Just by clicking “like” or “share” to your Facebook friends, you are spreading the word to the greater community about how God is working at YPPC and how they can be a part of it. 

Could you help?


Your Friday Weekly Update publishing crew is looking for assistance over the upcoming summer months!

Just basic computer knowledge and a desire to learn something need is all you'll need to give us a hand. Training and support will be provided…you will not be on your own. And this can all be done from home! 

Please contact Rev. Smith or Tim Cookson for more information and be a part of what God is doing at YPPC.

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Meeting Human Needs

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Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina (PCSC) Ambassador

In addition to supporting the annual Mother’s Day Offering, another way that our congregation can support the mission of PCSC is by selecting one member of our congregation to serve as a PSCS Ambassador. The ambassador will attend a meeting each Spring to hear an update on PCSC, promote the annual Mother’s Day Offering, and serve as a liaison between YPPC and the Village at Summerville.

We are happy to announce that Sue Browning, one of our newest YPPC members, will serve in this key role. Sue will make regular visits to our members who are Village residents and will keep us informed of ways that we can show our support.

May Food Pantry Needs...

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Did you know that each food pantry family receives their choice of a fresh loaf of white or wheat bread with their food order? This, along with peanut butter and jelly, ensures that each person can have a tasty and satisfying PB&J!

Thank you for making this possible!

Updates from the Session

Current Covid Guidance

Our Covid Protocol level remains at Phase 1 - CDC Risk of Spread - Low.

This is based on CDC's revised Risk-of-Spread Metric. In this system, a low risk of spread is green, a moderate risk is yellow, and a high risk is red. The risk level for each county will be posted each week and that will determine the Safety Protocol level we will follow. Our tri-county area currently is at Green (low risk)

Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will remain available to anyone who would like them. 

CDC Risk-of-Spread Metric
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