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Dear Friends, 


Sunday is the final Sunday in the Christian year, Christ Our King Sunday, when we conclude the year by celebrating the reign of Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. We will finish our journey through Luke’s gospel with Luke’s account of Jesus’s interaction with the thief on the cross who humbly asked, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” It was, at best, a “hail Mary pass.” This man knew that he deserved to die, but he asked for grace that only Jesus could give, and Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” 


During worship, we will receive the sacrament of Communion and remember the body and blood of Christ that were broken and shed on that cross, not just for the thief, but for each of us. In this meal, we remember the means of grace and recognize our own unworthiness to receive what God has freely given. I hope you will join us to share this holy meal and consider the nature of our crucified and risen King.


In Christ,

Rev. Cameron Smith

This Week at YPPC

Elder of the Week: Sandra Tillman, (843) 747-9548 or (843) 696-1696

Sunday, November 20

  • Sunday School: 9:45 AM
  • Christ Our King Sunday
  • Thornwell Offering
  • Worship: 11 AM (also, on Facebook and at following worship)
  • Fellowship and Sanctuary Advent Decorating: 12 PM
  • Session Meeting: 12:30 PM

Monday, November 21

  • Bells on the Move rehearsal: 10 AM
  • Sermon Starter Bible Study: 10:30 AM
  • Staff meeting following bible study

Tuesday, November 22

  • Handbells: 6 PM

Thursday, November 24

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Church office closed

Friday, November 25

  • No Meals on Wheels
  • Weekly Update (e-news) sent to your e-mail: 6 PM

All Hands on Deck to Deck the Halls!

Following worship this Sunday, we will prepare for the Advent season by decorating the sanctuary indoors and out. Worship and Music Committee is hosting a special pizza fellowship. Everyone is invited to enjoy lunch and lend a hand – there are jobs for all abilities.

Glorifying God

This week's Scripture Lessons: *Jeremiah 23:1-6 and *Luke 23:33-43

Sermon Title: "Approaching the Throne of Grace"

Liturgist: Kristi Lynch

Liturgists Needed December 4 and January 1

Liturgists lead the Call to Confession, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, and the First Scripture Reading. A script will be provided in advance. Contact Rev. Cameron Smith if you have any questions. Sign up below today!

Sign up here to be a liturgist!

Worship is the work of the people. If you would like to participate in worship in the choir, as a guest musician, or by commissioning flower arrangements, please contact the church office.

Growing Disciples

Check your Mailbox!

You will receive a packet this week with our Advent plans for worship, fellowship, outreach, and Christian Education. Each Sunday, we will have a special activity during Fellowship, beginning with Advent Wreath Making on 11/27/22. Plan to join us next Sunday and make a wreath to light at home throughout the season. If you are available to help gather greenery, please contact Rev. Cameron Smith.

Hanahan Christmas Parade is December 3

This year, we will have our traditional float in the parade and have special activities to welcome parade spectators on the church lawn. If you would like to help with the parade float or serving cotton candy and snow cones/hot chocolate, please contact Rev. Cameron Smith. We could also still use more candy for the parade float.

Annual Loaves and Fishes Holiday Bread Sale!

Once again this Advent/Christmas season, our Loaves and Fishes ladies are offering holiday breads for sale. The breads will include past favorites: Apple Fritter Bread, Cranberry Orange Bread, and Pumpkin Ribbon Bread. A new savory offering, Cheddar Scallion Bread, has been added this year.

Orders must be received by December 4.

Loaves and Fishes Holiday Bread Order Form

Meeting Human Needs

November is Thornwell Emphasis Month

In Week 3 of THORNWELL EMPHASIS MONTH, we highlight the mission of Thornwell to prevent child abuse and neglect, build and reunite families, and support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thornwell began as a dream in the heart of a young Presbyterian minister. Following the Civil War, Dr. William Plumer Jacobs wanted to build an orphanage. While Dr. Jacobs was visiting at the home of widow Sarah Anderson, he talked with her about how he felt God was calling him to build an orphanage, but he wasn’t sure.

Ten-year-old Willie Anderson listened intently as they talked. After a while, Willie slipped out of the room, but was soon back and standing by the knee of Dr. Jacobs. His little hand was tightly clinched as if he had something very precious in it. “What is it?” asked the minister. Willie opened his little hand and there lay a bright silver half-dollar. The child said, “Take this and build your orphanage.”

That small gift by a small boy energized Dr. Jacobs’ dream. Four years later, in 1875, Thornwell opened its doors. Willie was willing to share what he had to help others. His gift of 50 cents would be worth around ten dollars today. To Dr. Jacobs and his ministry, Willie’s gift was priceless. Even though Willie was small and didn’t have much to give, God used Willie’s gift to help thousands of children and families over the past 142 years.

Please click the button below to view "Be Like Willie: The Impact of Your Gift to Thornwell", this week’s Minute for Mission Video.

You can be a blessing to children and families by making a gift to Thornwell this Sunday, November 20th.

"Be Like Willie: The Impact of Your Gift to Thornwell"

Candy for Christmas Parade

November Food Pantry Needs - Items for Christmas Boxes

Again this year, we need your help to fill the Christmas Food Boxes for our Food Pantry families. Week 4 items are shown below:

A new list of items needed to fill the Christmas Food Boxes will be listed here each week. We will fill at least 24 boxes for our pantry families. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Updates from the Session

Stewardship Update

As of last Sunday, 48 YPPC households have turned in pledge cards so that we can “step out in faith in 2023.” Thus far, we have $229,400.00 pledged for the General Offering and $23,960.00 pledged for the Building Fund. In addition, members turned in their “Time and Talents” pledged cards, and those names will be passed along to our committee moderators. Thank you to everyone who has pledged time, talent, and treasures so far.

If you have not yet turned in your pledge cards, please do so as soon as possible so that the session can make plans for next year’s budget. If you need a pledge packet, please contact the church office.

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