Cameron's Corner

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I was able to attend my first on-campus “residency” for my doctoral studies at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. It was a wonderful time to finally see the people face-to-face that I had only seen on zoom up until that point. This summer, I will be continuing with my reading and working on my first major project that is due this fall.


In addition to the work I’ll do on my own, I will need 4-9 members of the congregation to serve on my “Congregational Resource Team.” This group will provide local perspective, support, and encouragement throughout the program. In addition, they will help me develop a doctoral proposal and project. We will meet 6-12 times a year, primarily via Zoom, and will discuss at least one book related to my studies each semester. If you would like to be a part

of my CRT, please let me know!


In Christ,

Rev. Cameron Smith

Contact Cameron to be a part of the Resource Team

This Week at YPPC

Elder of the Week: Mary Quinney, 843-509-9159

Sunday, June 19

  • Sunday School: 9:45 AM
  • Worship: 11 AM (also, on Facebook and at following worship)
  • Liturgist: Chip Maglione
  • Guest Organist: Jimmy Miller
  • Fellowship: 12 PM provided by Kay Uptegrove and Sandra Tillman

Monday, June 20

  • Sermon Starter Bible Study: 10:30 AM

Tuesday, June 21

  • Stewardship Committee: 5:00 pm

Friday, June 24

  • Meals on Wheels: 9:45 AM delivered by Barbara Freeman
  • Weekly Update (e-news) sent to your e-mail: 6 PM

Introducing the YPPC Care Team!

Congregational Ministries is in the process of revitalizing our ministry to the members of our congregation, including the Prayer Ministry, Shepherding Ministry, and the new YPPC Care Team. The Care Team will be led by Mary Mena Koches. As needs arise within the congregation, emails will be sent out to members of the Care Team who are willing to respond as they are able by providing meals, encouragement, and assistance for those listed at their time of need. If you are willing to have your name/email address added to the YPPC Care Team roster, please contact the church office (843.744.2268). If you have any questions, please contact Martha Trussell or Mary Mena Koches (843.747.7792). 

Glorifying God

This week's Scripture Lessons: *Psalm 42 and *1 Kings 19: 1-15

*Click scripture links to read these passages in the NRSV Bible.

Sermon Title: "A Prophet on the Run"

Summer liturgists needed July 3, 24, and 31

If you are available to help lead worship as a liturgist, please sign up today. Liturgists lead the Call to Confession, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, and the First Scripture Reading. A script is provided in advance.

Sign up to be a Liturgist

Worship is the work of the people. If you would like to participate in worship in the choir, as a guest musician, or by commissioning flower arrangements, please contact the church office.

Growing Disciples

STEPS = Studying + Teaching + Equipping + Praying + Serving

This presbytery-wide event is a wonderful opportunity for high school youth and adult church members, teachers, ministry teams, worship/music leaders, officers, and staffs to enrich their faith and understanding of the church. STEPS will take place Saturday, August 27. Saturday will offer a morning of in-person and virtual workshops, concluding with a community gathering with David LaMotte for all. To find out more, check out one of the STEPS brochures in the Narthex, visit, or contact our own Mary Quinney, a member of the STEPS Planning Team. 

Funeral reception help needed


Longtime member, Lois Lewis, joined the church triumphant on Saturday, May 21, 2022. We will host her memorial service with a reception on June 30, 2022 at 11:00 AM. If you are able to help by providing food or serving on the set-up, serving, or clean-up team, please contact Terri Myers, 843-729-9312 or

Mrs. Lewis's obituary

Hosts for Fellowship are Needed 

Please sign up to provide refreshments on the Fellowship Calendar in Memorial Hall. Contact Terri Myers or any member of Congregational Ministries if additional information is needed. Hosts are needed for July 3rd and from August 21st on.

Have you signed up for our Prayer Chain?

Our Prayer Chain distribution list of those who wish to receive timely email prayer requests is growing! You may sign up by clicking the Add Me to the Prayer Chain button below.

Also, you may request a prayer by clicking below on the Add a Prayer Request button. Your prayer requests will not be shared on social media.

Ongoing prayer concerns, birthdays, and anniversaries will be shared in a monthly “Prayers and Praise” list in the bulletin and via email.

Add Me to the Prayer Chain
Add a Prayer Request

Meeting Human Needs

Making a difference...

Our YPPC Meals on Wheels (MOW) Team, led by Mary Mena Koches, makes a difference in the lives of area seniors on Fridays. Mary Mena, Sue and Lynn Browning, Karen and Tim Cookson, and Barbara Freeman, deliver 32 well-balanced meals to the homes of people who are homebound, unable to prepare meals, and have no help to prepare the meals. Not only do the volunteers deliver the meals, they also take the time to get to know each person on their route. Over time, they can tell if anything is out of the ordinary. For many seniors, this weekly visit may be the only contact they have all day or all week. They are very grateful for the meals and really appreciate the personal contact.


The local route covers Hanahan and parts of North Charleston. The meals are picked up at 9:45 on Friday mornings at the Azalea Drive Church of Christ. The route takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


Needless to say, being a member of the MOW team is a commitment. Would you be willing to join this team of difference makers and serve as an occasional substitute?  A good way to start would be to ride along with Barbara Freeman on a fourth Friday. (She would enjoy the company, and it would give you a first-hand look at the process.) If you’re interested, please contact Mary Mena Koches at (843) 870-2146 or

Save the Date!

Monday, August 8th

Hands of Christ Distribution at YPPC

Church Landscaping

June Food Pantry Needs

Help restock our pantry with Toothbrushes and Toothpaste this month! In just two weeks, we’ve had a great response to this month’s request. If you have a dental appointment, please ask your dentist to help us supply toothbrushes and toothpaste to our pantry clients. 

Updates from the Session

Martha Trussell is in Montreat This Week

Please pray for our Congregational Nurture Coordinator, Martha Trussell, as she travels to the Montreat Worship and Music Conference this week for continuing education.

Current Covid Guidance

Our Covid Protocol level remains at Phase 2 - CDC Risk of Spread - Moderate.

This is based on CDC's revised Risk-of-Spread Metric. In this system, a low risk of spread is green, a moderate risk is yellow, and a high risk is red. The risk level for each county will be posted each week and that will determine the Safety Protocol level we will follow. Our tri-county area currently is at Green (low risk)

Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will remain available to anyone who would like them. 

CDC Risk-of-Spread Metric
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