Updates from the Camp

First of all, let me say THANK YOU to everyone who adopted a camper, who donated money or clothing and who have continued to pray for this little community!

Exciting things are happening!

  1. From the ashes... comes hope, new life... beauty! (Isaiah 61:3)~ Since the fire, First Presbyterian, Westside Baptist and a couple of other Churches and other organizations have come together to form a "Homeless Outreach" group. 
  2. Every Tuesday this group goes to the camp with a meal and a handful of wonderful people from various organizations ready to help them get their vital records: birth certificates, Social Security cards, I.D. cards, driver's licenses, housing applications, health and wellness checks, Veteran benefits... All the things needed to get life back on track
  3. They have been working hard to clean up from the fire so that they can stay there until they get the help they need to get in an apartment or house.... However, they have no trash service or dumpsters, so keeping the camp clean is a struggle.
  4. Since this group has been working at the camp... one person has gotten housing... and today... we found out that 2 more are next in line for housing help!

I am so excited about all the great things happening at

Tent City or as they have named themselves "Camp Nowhere".

God is so amazing and generous! He has been working

hard alongside us... ahead of us... behind us... above us...

and most importantly within us and the "campers"!

  • If you are interested in providing a meal on a Tuesday (you could cook, send money, order something to pick up and/or  help serve)... or
  • If you have or can provide a service that can help this community get on their feet... or
  • If you want to help with trash cleanup... or
  • If you want to donate money to this endeavor...

Email Tina at the church office.

Email Tina Here
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