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Givat Haviva's   Mohammad  Darawshe 
a t the  Other  Israel 
Film Festival
Mark your calendars for
Sunday, November 8th at
2pm for a screening of "Teaching Ignorance" and a post-viewing panel led by our Director of Planning, Equality and Shared Society, Mohammad Darawshe.

Teaching Ignorance is a powerful film that follows several Israeli and Palestinian teachers over the course of an academic year. It asks: How do the Palestinian, Israeli Arab, and Israeli Jewish educational systems teach the history of their peoples?

Check out the trailer below:

 Get your tickets here.
Antidotes for 
Middle East 
T ension-Preventive Strategies TALK
Join us on  Sunday, November 8th at
10:30am for a talk on the current situation in Israel & the larger region and what we can do to promote lasting peace.   Mohammad Darawshe joins Ron Bruder, the Founder of Education for Employment, for a discussion and light breakfast.

The event will be hosted by Union Temple at 17 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY.

Updates from the Field
Orientation Day for our
Bara'em Hi-Tech Program
Friday, October 23rd marked our Orientation Day for the Bara'em Hi-Tech Program, which gives high-school aged Arab Israeli youth an opportunity to take college level computer science and technology courses. In addition to the computer courses, our program offers Hebrew language instruction to these promising Arab Israeli students at the centrally located Givat Haviva campus. The courses are offered at a 20% discounted base tuition, in addition to need-based scholarships awarded on a case by case basis.  

On Friday we officially enrolled and welcomed 27 students for our first semester, including 14 young men and 13 young women.  The students are as excited as we are to kick off Givat Haviva's newest program and launch a generation of Arab Israeli Tech Geniuses!

To learn more about the program, click here.
Winter Conference - Presenting the 2015 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel
On Monday, November 23rd on Givat Haviva's campus, the Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel, which examines the attitudes of Arab and Jewish citizens towards each other and towards the state, will be presented by its chief producer, Professor Sammy Smooha.
The Index is based on a survey of adult Arab and Jewish populations, with more than 100 questions on 16 different issues, including - segregation, perceptions of the other, alienation, threats, collective memory, legitimacy of coexistence in the state, the Palestinian conflict, Israel's general integration in the region, identity, minority leadership, means of struggle and possibilities for change.

The conference will include a detailed presentation of Professor Smooha's findings.  Additionally there will be a two part discussion dedicated to unpacking the perspective of Arab-Jewish relations from the Arab, Palestinian side as well as from the Jewish Israeli side.  

Check out the Conference Agenda here, and if you are in Israel please register to attend here.
Solidarity and Activism
Tensions have been rising in Israel over the past few weeks as violent incidents have increased and spread across the country. Both Arab and Jewish citizens are experiencing fear, anxiety, suspicion, and a sense that anyone can be a victim, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or political leanings.  In response to these escalations, Givat Haviva has taken a number of steps to inspire hope and peace.

Our Call for a Secure & Shared Society - Read the Declaration here and sign the call here.

Our Dialogue and Partnership Tent - read an article covering the tent activities here.

Our over 1,000 person Human Chain demonstration in demand for peace and Shared Society - read an article covering the march here.

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Arab-Israeli Issues released this report on the current situation in Israel and what peace efforts are looking like on the ground.  The report features Givat Haviva's efforts.
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