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This edition features information on another expansion to the Family Supports Program, helping MORE people who are cared for by family members in their home to benefit from MORE resources and services.

Other topics include information on National Disability Employment Awareness Month and CCBDD's Lending Libraries and Custom Living Environment (CLE).
Coping with the Holidays
The Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County is offering tips on reducing the extra stresses of the holiday season in a booklet entitled Coping with the Holidays

Coping with the Holidays offers suggestions on things like how to reduce stress, deal with loss or change and enjoy the holidays on a budget. In addition, resource numbers are listed for those who find the stress of this holiday season, or any other time of year, too much to handle. 

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Recent changes to the Family Supports Program means MORE people can now benefit from MORE services and resources
What’s new?
  • Ages 18 and older, the annual allotment is $1,500. There is no income requirement or copay.
  • Ages 17 and younger, the annual allotment is either $1,500 or $750 based on the family’s income. This means that all children qualify for at least $750.
  • The annual financial allotment is now per person (not per family).
  • Allotments will no longer be prorated. The full allotment for which you are eligible can be spent throughout the year.
  • Camp assistance (formerly the Cuyahoga Campership Program) is now offered under the Family Supports Program.
  • Leisure/recreation activities no longer have to be adaptive. People may use this funding to join and participate in leisure/recreation activities available in the community. 

Who is eligible? Adults and children of all income levels who are eligible for CCBDD services and who live at home with a family member. (People who live on their own, who are enrolled on a Medicaid Waiver, or who live in an Intermediate Care Facility/ICF or in foster care are not eligible.)
What issues are important to you? Transportation, employment, housing, other? Now is your chance to share what matters to you!
Complete the Five Year State Plan Survey to provide feedback on issues and problems that affect people with developmental disabilities.
The input will then be used to develop the next five-year plan (2022 - 2027) for the DD Council that will allow it to develop grants and projects that benefit the developmental disability community across the state. This is a powerful form of advocacy, and we hope you participate.
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