Information from the Diocese of Providence
during the COVID-19 Crisis
April 24, 2020
A Pastoral Message from Bishop Tobin
“The State of the Church in the Diocese of Providence
in the Age of Coronavirus” 

A letter to the faithful from Bishop Thomas J. Tobin on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19, 2020.

Bishop Tobin Offers Hope, Shares Concerns for Future in the Age of COVID-19
Diocesan Shepherd ‘aspires’ to have even limited public worship by Pentecost
PROVIDENCE — While the nation and world continue to struggle with how best to return to a sense of normalcy in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin is seeking to give the faithful a ray of hope that they will not be separated from participating in the Mass for any longer than necessary.

Bishop Tobin interview on Relevant Radio
Wednesday morning, April 22
Interviewed in this podcast with Relevant Radio's "Morning Air" host, John Harper, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin speaks to "Evangelization and Church Life Post-Pandemic."

We Are All Doing Our Best to Make it Through the COVID-19 Crisis
Five weeks ago, Rhode Island Catholic, for the time being, published its last print edition. That week, as the COVID-19 pandemic prompted growing directives to citizens across the country to stay at home, schools and businesses began to shutter in quick succession. The chancery, which houses the newspaper’s offices, was also closed. 

Live-streamed and pre-recorded Masses
Updated daily
Regular Masses
During the COVID-19 Crisis, regular Masses continue to be posted on the diocesan website page dedicated to parish live-streamed/pre-recorded Masses. Find it here.

Special Devotions
As in the past, please consult your parish's bulletin, website, and social media pages for the specifics relative to special devotions, the Rosary, and more. Find parish contact and website information here .
Supporting your parish
Even though public Masses have been suspended in the Diocese of Providence until further notice, please know you may still support your parish via your parish's secure online giving opportunities (where available) as well as mailing your weekly budget directly to your parish. Find our Parish Directory here .

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support of the parishes and the faithful in the Diocese of Providence.

Be assured you are all in our prayers during this challenging time. 
Church Bells continue to Ring in Solidarity on Sunday Mornings

As a sign of faith, unity, and hope in these uncertain times, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin has asked all Catholic churches across the diocese to ring their bells for five minutes every Sunday morning at 9:00am until the novel coronavirus pandemic is over.  
Catholic Charities: helping needy RI'ers right now
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As you can imagine, amid this crisis, the needs of our fellow Rhode Islanders are greater than ever.

Need help? Contact us here .

If you are financially able, please consider making a donation online by visiting or by texting the word "Appeal" to 401.496.9889. Your gift will immediately make a positive impact in the lives of your neighbors in need.

Click here to see the good work of your Catholic Charities donation in action. 

Thank you & God Bless!
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