July 1, 2021
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Door County Partnership for Children and Families
The Door County Partnership for Children and Families,
together with our partner organizations is dedicated to connecting people
to resources through a family centered approach in order to achieve
social emotional well-being and school success.
Happy July!
If you’re like me, it may seem like a very long time since things were normal! I heard a couple talking yesterday saying, “I’m so happy it’s back to normal.” That made me wonder-what is normal? Are we really back to the way things were before March 2020? I think searching for answers to these questions can be a healthy exercise to motivate yourself and others. Over the course of the rest of the year, I’ll share some ideas of how to do just that.
Find your WHY
Find a compelling reason for why you are doing what you are doing. Turn this into a one-liner. Mine is: “If I fail, I will not only let myself down, but also my wife, my children, and the community I serve”. Every time I feel demotivated, that WHY keeps me going. It helps me refocus and move forward.

The whole concept of WHY is grounded in the biology of human decision-making. Your why is the one constant in your life. It’s a guide toward your fulfillment in both your personal and professional life.

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure anyhow.’ Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!). Only when you know your ‘why’ will you find the courage to take the risks needed to get ahead, stay motivated when the chips are down, and move your life onto an entirely new, more challenging, and more rewarding trajectory.

Perhaps these four questions can help get you started:

1.  What makes you come alive?
2.  What are your inner strengths?
3.  Where do you add the greatest value?
4.  How will you measure your life?

Enjoy finding your why and motivating yourself to jump headfirst into the new normal!
Be Well,


Community Impact Coordinator-Education
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Upcoming Meeting Dates for Subcommittees of the
Door County Partnership for Children and Families
If you are interested in being a part of any of these committees, please feel free to reach out to Chad for more information.

Collaboration Committee: TBD

Community Resources Committee: TBD

Executive Committee: August 20th-11-12pm via Zoom (email for details)

Marketing Committee: TBD

Family Enrichment Committee: TBD

Welcome Baby Committee: TBD

DCPCF Quarterly Partnership Meeting: TBD

Mental Health Focus Group: TBD

Volunteers Needed!!!
We are very proud to offer programs and opportunities for families. But we need your help to continue offering these opportunities! If you are interested in volunteering for the Door County Partnership for Children and Families, please reach out to to Chad at chad@unitedwaydc.com or (920)421-3146.

Volunteer Opportunities:
-Childcare Volunteer: Helping with childcare allows parents to learn and add to their tools, without worrying about finding childcare for their children. For every event with childcare provided, we need at least two childcare volunteers. Volunteers may be high school students, who will be paired with an adult volunteer. Volunteers for childcare will need to complete a volunteer application and a background check will be conducted.

-Block Party Play Assistant: Help facilitate play between parents and children during future Block Parties. Play Assistants are provided with a short training prior to Block Parties.
Looking for resources to help with mental health in Door County? Please check out the Door County Mental Health guide at:
Working together and Supporting Families.
Door County Partnership for Children and Families | (920)421-3146 chad@unitedwaydc.com | http://doorcountyparents.com