April 24, 2020
Vickie Shields
HOPE Means Nevada
According to the Hope Means Nevada program, one of the most important things you can do during this strange and often isolating time is “ask five of your friends if they’re doing OK. Checking in can make a difference.” For more mental health resources for helping Nevada during this time of need, visit the Hope Means Nevada website.
Face mask parts
NSC Faculty and Staff Help Make PPE for Healthcare Workers
Several of our faculty and staff have joined Vegas Fighting COVID, a local group of volunteers using 3D printers to help create protective face masks for healthcare workers. Aaron Wong (Math) reached out to campus leadership recently about participating in this project. We were thrilled to be able to contribute to protecting the frontline workers who are so essential to the COVID-19 response.

President Patterson granted permission for the printers to be moved off-campus to facilitate the project. Three NSC employees--Seth Churchman (Math), Mina Eissa (Library student worker), and Aaron--are printing pieces of the face masks on 3D printers that were moved from campus, as well as two printers owned by Seth and Nate Silva (Biology). They are each running two printers all day, seven days a week. Collectively, they're able to produce about two dozen pieces per day, and on Monday they delivered their first set of parts to the location where the masks will be assembled.

I want to thank everyone in the campus community whose efforts allowed us to participate. Kimberly Williams (TRIO-Upward Bound Director), Nathaniel King (Library Director), and the math program all granted access to their 3D printers and allowed them to be moved off-campus. LAS contributed 150 transparency sheets, which are used as part of the face masks. Nathaniel, Seth, Nate, and the math program also donated their filament supplies, which are used to print items. I also appreciate Amber Lopez Lasater, Rick Briscoe, and the Facilities team for coordinating with Aaron about safely picking up the supplies and equipment. This is a terrific example of how our community can come together and make a meaningful contribution to the collective health of all Nevadans.

Strategic Planning
Like many of you, most of my days are consumed with solving the immediate problems related to the COVID-19 crisis. However, it is also important not to lose sight of our broader goals, the things that inspired us all to come to NSC and help our unique population of students. Therefore, I am asking all units to continue their individual planning efforts in support of our broader strategic plan. I’m committed to making our plan work even in difficult circumstances, and aware that plans often fail when we let them fall aside in favor of more immediate concerns. The plans for each unit are due on May 15th. If the current situation makes this deadline impossible, we understand; please email Sita Sales and let her know when you’ll be able to get your plan completed. Thank you for all the work you do for NSC. I am proud to be a part of this remarkable community.
Tony Scinta
The Show Goes On
When I first sat down to write this update, my son read a story to me about the “Legend of Rock, Paper, and Scissors.” I literally had to look at my meetings in Outlook to remind myself of what I’ve been working on. It has been one of those days.

The good news is that our teams have made meaningful progress in a couple of key areas. Some highlights include:

  • Admissions & Recruitment – the recruitment team has been implementing creative ways to support and engage with high school counselors, prospective students, and even the parents of prospective students. I’m so impressed by their work to leverage different technologies to connect with key stakeholders that I think we should consider institutionalizing some of these practices long after this health crisis has passed.
  • Retention outreach – at this very moment, our overall enrollment for fall 2020 and our retention rate for the fall 2019 incoming class are down a few percentage points, but it’s not for a lack of effort to facilitate student success. One example comes from the Academic Advising Center, which has been conducting intensive outreach to our current students to encourage them to stay on track. The efforts range from mobile texts to a phone calling campaign (the Advising Center called 715 students last week alone). So far, the initiative has helped move a significant number of students in the right direction. Importantly, the team also is trying to assess why students may not be returning to provide insights into how we can do a better job of helping them and other future students. This is just one effort among many across this campus, but one that is at the center of our goal to keep students on track.

There are other news and notes, including updates on the Gates Foundation project and our co-req implementation plan, but I’ll save those for the next installment. Stay well, everyone.
Gwen Sharp
Congrats to Irene Cepeda
On April 8th, Irene (HSI Grant Project Director) welcomed a new baby boy, Miguel, to her family. Miguel and Irene are both at home and doing well.

S/U Grading Process
As we're getting to the end of the semester, you may have more students asking about S/U grading. Our S/U grading memo (which was posted in several places for students as well) clarifies this grading option, the process, and who students should talk to if they're interested.

Grant Awards
  • Amber Howerton (Chemistry) received a $34,000 Nevada INBRE Pilot Grant; it will support her research with students.
  • Christy Fleck and Melanie Bradle (Speech Pathology) have been awarded a 2020 SPEAK OUT!® & LOUD Crowd® Grant from the Parkinson Voice Project. The grant will support the graduate program's development of a speech pathology clinic, providing consultations and support from experts in the field as well as training for faculty and all of the SLP graduate students. 
Gregory Robinson
Long Night Against Procrastination
It’s tonight, it’s virtual, and everyone is welcome! The Writing Center is partnering with the Library to host a Long Night Against Procrastination. They’ll be offering livestream music and memes, chats with support specialists, and Zoom rooms for group study or study breaks. Drop in virtually and say hello to our students. You can register and join the event, and get more information, on the Writing Center’s Canvas site.

Purpose, Solidarity, and Grit
Our Nepantla program faces a particularly difficult challenge this summer. Typically, the program is characterized by a high level of in-person student engagement, helping students feel supported and confident as they transition from high school to college. This year, we’ll need to convey that same sense of purpose and connectivity, but in a virtual format. Leilani Carreño, Johanna Araujo, and Leila Pazargadi have been working hard to make this transition work, and the Nepantla students have been busy with innovative online collaborative programming, such as a live Instagram tutorial on drawing and a Zoom meeting where participants create with origami.

NSC on the IG 
If you are a fan of Instagram, here are a few pages you should absolutely follow:
Stefanie Coleman
Congratulations to Jesse Poole!
Jesse Poole (Coordinator of Academic & Student Success Initiatives) has been selected to serve as a mentor for the 2020-2022 Emerging Leader Program with NACADA (National Academic Advising Association). Jesse is one of only ten, internationally, selected to serve as a mentor. The Emerging Leaders Program is a two-year program in which Jesse will work closely with an Emerging Leader within NACADA and help them gain skills, experiences, and knowledge needed to move into a leadership position. Jesse was selected because of his commitment to the program as well as his involvement and leadership within NACADA. Congratulations, Jesse!

In a follow up to the last Provost newsletter, for those of you wondering – Disney’s Cars beat out The Fast and The Furious for the NSSA March Madness Cars Movie Bracket Championship.

Student Life Updates
Even before the pandemic broke out, the Office of Student Life planned on hosting a Health and Wellness week from April 13-17. While it did not occur fully as planned, Student Life Coordinator Carlos Navarro adjusted and held daily live lunch-time sessions with various health and wellness-related guests. Over 1,100 views engaged with topics including the story of a person’s 200+ pound weight loss journey, mental and physical wellness, women’s health, and running.

Nominations for the End of Year Banquet Student Leader awards have closed and the committee has deliberated to select winners. To find out who they are, follow us on social media. Winners will be announced May 1st.

NSSA Business Manager and Advisor Yesica Placencia-Flores have been working closely with NSSA to provide various forms of virtual/digital engagement. From daily infographics sharing motivational information and tips and tricks, to social media takeovers, written and video blogs, and other opportunities, we are striving to help students stay connected.

A Personal Message to NSSA from Phil LaMotte
 "While we could never give them the send off that they deserve, I’d like to use this space to acknowledge our NSSA Officers who are set to graduate this spring or summer: Nicola Opfer, Student Body President; Alexander Lum, Vice President; Robert Totten, Chair of Public Relations; Tiffany Black, Chair of Clubs and Organizations; and our Senior Senators: Arnold Placencia-Flores, RJ Lemus, and Mina Eissa. I can never express in words the profound impact that each of you has had on my life and how you have set your campus community up for long-term success. Your leadership in a difficult time will not be forgotten and I know that there are great things in store as you embark on the next step of your journey."

To see what Student Life and NSSA have upcoming, visit NSSA’s digital engagement webpage or follow us on social media:

Corny Joke Tuesday
Every Tuesday, my team submits and votes on the corniest joke. This small gesture is a bright spot of the week and we start the day laughing. Last week's winner:

I wanted to go on a diet, but I feel like I have way too much on my plate. --Submitted by Alex Kunkle.

Stay safe and healthy.
Sandip Thanki
The IR office has been building a dashboard that will help make more informed decisions on our course offerings. Our current course offerings have been primarily guided by past demands and new enrollment numbers. The new dashboard will take into account the courses that remain to be taken to fulfill course requirements toward core curriculum areas, and currently enrolled students' declared majors and minors.

The process will look at what is coded within degree audit reports and will consider both transfer and in-house credits. This approach will help us identify our true need for various courses (and the number of sections) based on where our students are in their degree plans. We expect to launch the dashboard in May.
Key Dates
4/24: The Writing Center and the Library host a virtual Long Night Against Procrastination
5/6: Self-evaluations for administrative faculty are due to supervisors
5/9: Last class day for the spring semester (LAS, SOE)
5/15: Unit plans in support of the strategic plan are due to Sita Sales
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