February 5, 2020
Vickie Shields
The first Provost Lecture is coming up quickly! Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 11th at 3:30 for the spring Provost Lecture, "The Highway of the Atom: Memory, Methodology, and Geographies of the Nuclear."
Dr. Peter van Wyck and Dr. Julie Salverson have worked for many years to bring to light the silence around Canada’s involvement in the development of the atomic bomb and to hear and record the stories and testimony of a First Nation that has materially and symbolically suffered the ongoing effects of their atomic exposures. As part of a long-term project concerning the material, cultural, ethical, and symbolic geographies of the nuclear, they have traveled to a community near the Arctic Circle, a test and training range in Nevada, a nuclear waste disposal site in New Mexico, as well as to Hiroshima and Fukushima, Japan. They speak about this ‘highway of the atom,’ exploring the constellation of effects and stories wrought by atomic and nuclear threats.
Thank you to Dr. Molly Appel (English) for introducing me to the speakers’ work and pitching this great idea for them to come and share their research, which speaks directly to Nevada’s unique and rich history with the nuclear age.
Henderson Chamber Happenings
On Wednesday, January 29th, I attended a Henderson Chamber evening event featuring County Commissioner Michael Naft, who represents District 1. The Commissioner spoke at length about the renewal of the Lands Act, which greatly affects Henderson’s ability to develop and grow into the foothills and out by the Executive airport. He also spoke about improving pedestrian and biker safety and possibly introducing a rather controversial bill that would mandate that drivers re-take their driving test periodically, regardless of driving record.
Also last week, I was excited and honored to be part of the first group of Henderson Chamber board members to tour the Raider’s practice facility and headquarters, located off of St Rose Parkway on Executive Airport Drive. While still very much under construction, the facility is quickly taking shape. The indoor field will be made of turf and is 40 yards longer than an average football field. The outdoor field area will be grass and is large enough for three fields to fit on it. The inside is filled with a dizzying array of meeting rooms, offices, locker rooms, work-out facilities, and huddle areas. The entire time I was there I was envisioning Nevada State College interns everywhere! What potentially great opportunities this new facility will provide for our students!
Tony Scinta
Dean of Nursing Search
Since late last year, I have been working with an excellent search committee to find an excellent new dean for the School of Nursing. We are reaching the final, critical phase of the process as we schedule on-campus interviews for the coming two weeks. If you are interested, keep an eye peeled for invitations to the campus presentations.  

Complete College America – Metro Momentum Pathways Project
Our work with Complete College America (CCA) dates back almost seven years, and it continues to this day with the Metro Momentum Pathways Project. CCA doesn’t have the highest profile on campus, with the many initiatives the College is undertaking, but we have made real progress in the pursuit of the organization’s evidence-based “game changers” (e.g., math pathways), while adapting them to the unique needs of our students. A synopsis of that progress and our next steps is detailed here, and next month I’ll give a brief update to the Board of Regents about the project.  

A Closing Note 
This is one of those things you hope you never have to say, but now, to honor a life that made my work possible, I need to say it. My grandmother, Mary Scinta, passed away last week at Summerlin Hospital.  

She stood not a shade over 5 feet tall, but was a giant in our lives, full of laughter and love in equally immense proportions. She never had a fighting chance to attend college, but she helped pave the way for her grandchildren to achieve things she could only imagine. Sitting here now, I wish I had taken a moment to tell her that one of my greatest accomplishments was making her proud. She will be missed.  
Gwen Sharp
Summer Institute Opportunities
We are accepting applications for all three of our 6-week summer Institutes. Applications are due Monday, March 2nd, at 5 p.m. Read each program's application (linked below) for details.

Email Tip
Does your email include a request for the reader to do something? Clearly state the requested response or action in the first couple of sentences. This makes it less likely that the recipient will miss the fact that you're asking them to respond or complete a task, especially in lengthy emails. State what you're asking the person to do up front, then provide the context or information they need.

Several NSC folks attended the 2019 American Speech and Hearing Association Conference in Orlando:
  • Speech-Language Pathology graduate student Raina Anderson, along with Kerry Quinney of CCSD, presented “Strategies to Teach Crucial Literacy and Speech Sounds to Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” This was the first academic presentation given by an NSC grad student!
  • Dr. Sharon Jones (Speech Pathology) presented “Guided Cognitive Training for Executive Dysfunction in Adolescents with ASD." 
  • Dr. Angel Ball (Speech Pathology Program Director), with colleague America Gomez, presented "Investigating the Reason for Selection of Stimulus Items on Repetition Subtests for Aphasia."

  • LaKiasha Hollingsworth (TRIO-SSS Director) and Gregory Robinson (Vice Provost of Student Success) submitted a proposal to renew our TRIO-SSS grant to provide structured support to 150 students.
  • Kayla Bieser (Biology) is included as a subawardee on an NSF grant proposal submitted by the University of Detroit Mercy; the subaward would provide $43,000 for Kayla's work on a course-based research experience (CURE).

Shortcuts for Spanish Punctuation
If you're using a PC, there are keyboard shortcuts for Spanish-language punctuation; you hold down the Alt button while typing a numerical code on the number keypad. Here are the most common characters:
  • Alt + 130 = é
  • Alt + 160 = á
  • Alt + 161 = í
  • Alt + 162 = ó
  • Alt + 163 = ú
  • Alt + 164 = ñ

On a Mac, it's a little different:
  • Option + e. Key release + e = é
  • Option + e. Key release + a = á
  • Option + e. Key release + i = í
  • Option + e. Key release + o = ó
  • Option + e. Key release + u = ú
  • Option + n. Key release + n = ñ
Gregory Robinson
Course Assistant Program Update
Please join me in congratulating Danette Barber, who accepted a new position as an IR Research Analyst, under the Office of the Provost. She will begin this position on March 1st. We will appoint a temporary Coordinator for the Course Assistant Program until we are able to run a search for a permanent Coordinator.

Bookstore Selection Process
Both Barnes & Noble and Follett presented to the College last week. Both companies offer a wide range of services to students, including support for Open Educational Resources, book rentals, and integration with Canvas. The Bookstore Selection Committee is reviewing the services of both companies and is getting ready to make a final recommendation.

Emergency Operations Plan
To help NSC prepare for an emergency, the Division of College and Community Engagement organized a training session on our Emergency Operations Plan. This plan assigns specific roles and responsibilities to the NSC team that will populate our Emergency Operations Center, which serves to coordinate information and resources to support the continued operation of NSC in the event of an emergency. Yuri Graves and Gregg May (two emergency management specialists) led the training, which included over 30 NSC faculty and staff (who were all assigned cool colored vests). Much of the training focused on how the team can work together to plan a cohesive emergency response and work with external agencies. The group will continue to meet regularly throughout the year in support of emergency management planning. If you have any questions about our overall emergency preparedness, please contact Amey Evaluna.  
Stefanie Coleman
Celebrating Our First-Year Students
Alicia LaMotte (Coordinator of Orientation and Peer Mentorship) hosted NSC's inaugural First-Year Students Achievement Ceremony. The ceremony recognized first-year full-time students who earned a 3.0. or higher GPA in their first semester. Over 200 students were invited to the ceremony, where they learned more about the Peer Mentorship Program and met with current peer mentors.  
Black History Month
In 1926, Carter G. Woodson, educator, historian, and author, launched Negro History Week. This was a celebration of negro history with a mission to improve and overhaul the education system. For the next 50 years, the weeklong celebration grew and gained momentum. In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially made the weeklong celebration into the national observance of Black History Month, an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of African Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.
In the spirit of last weekend's Super Bowl, consider Super Bowl XXII in 1988, between Washington and Denver. It featured quarterback Doug Williams, the first Black starting quarterback to play in the game and the first Black quarterback to be named Super Bowl MVP.
Sandip Thanki
In December 2019, four Information Technology team members from Brigham Young University (BYU) visited NSC for a detailed on-site tour to learn about our student information data warehouse and how we're able to provide detailed and consistent data for a wide array of uses across campus.

This all started when Mick Haney (Data Warehouse Architect) gave a presentation, “Defining the Student Touch Point Universe,” at the 2019 Higher Education Data Warehouse Annual Conference. Mick's talk highlighted a data architecture to integrate student information from their initial application to graduation and everything in between. At NSC, this architecture integrates student data for use by units across campus.
After attending the presentation, Richard Hanks, OIT Data Analytics Director at BYU, reached out to Nevada State and asked if the BYU IR team could visit to see the architecture in action (and to peek under the hood). They're now beginning a project to replicate our capability.
NSC's data architecture has already been implemented by California State University Channel Islands, and NSHE is discussing the possibility of rolling out our architecture for all of the two-year colleges in Nevada. We're excited to be able to provide innovative methods of integrating data that are useful both here and at other institutions.
Key Dates
  • 2/5/20: "Home Means Nevada" art reception, 6-8 p.m.
  • 3/2/20: Applications for all summer Institutes due by 5 p.m.
  • 3/9/20: Deadline for students to submit a project to the Undergraduate Research & Creative Works Conference
  • 3/20/20: Spring Convocation. Keynote by Dr. Lisa Wade, "Hookup Culture on Residential Campuses: What We Know, What to Expect"
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