July 1, 2020
Vickie Shields
I would like to update you on two aspects of the LAS Dean position. The position description for the next Dean was re-advertised on June 15th. The position profile was tightened up and two adjustments were made. First, we placed more emphasis on future growth areas such as Business and Data Science. Second, we broadened the qualifications section so a candidate with an Economics or Business background may be more attracted to the position than was the case in the previous ad. The search committee will be the same, with a classified staff and student replacement. Initial interviews should take place in early September with finalists interviewed in late September or early October.

The second update concerns Dean Dee Dee Campbell. Because she is in high-risk groups for COVID-19, she will be completing her Registry Dean assignment remotely from Indiana through the end of December. She will retain full authority as Dean of LAS during that time including conducting third-year reviews and promotion and tenure evaluations. Dr. Jonathan Dunning will retain his usual duties also. I have appointed Dr. Gwen Sharp to a part-time, Sr. Associate Dean position for the period of July 6 – December 31, 2020 to support Dee Dee’s work on campus and in person. Gwen will hold limited office hours in LAS and will fill in for Dean Campbell on campus, when necessary. Gwen will still perform her regular duties as Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives during this period.
Tony Scinta
No major milestones to report, but still some good conversations in areas such as:

Fall course capacity – in the face of this pandemic, one of our chief concerns is to help keep students on track with their education. To that end, I’m appreciative of the efforts of our IR team and the LAS deans, chairs, and Caiti Bedell as we work to ensure that we’re offering enough courses in the fall to help students continue their studies. I surely will speak more to this when the dust settles later this summer.

Scorpion Scholarships – one of our recruitment goals is for Nevada State to become more of a first-choice destination for high-achieving students, and merit-based scholarships play an integral role in that regard. Recently, we’ve had multiple good, evidence-based discussions about how to most effectively deploy our scholarship program to this end.

Odds and Ends – most of my other time has been spent working with colleagues to incrementally move forward on key areas of interest, including efforts to support Black faculty, staff, and students at Nevada State, and follow-up discussions on the Gates Foundation project you may remember from a few weeks ago.
Gwen Sharp
Online Proctoring
We have purchased a campus-wide license for Respondus Monitor, an online proctoring service. It offers unlimited proctoring, so faculty may use it for as many online exams or quizzes as needed in your classes over the next year. There is no charge to students.

Respondus Monitor integrates into Canvas. Students will need a webcam to use it; if you plan to use it in your class, try to include a webcam in the "required materials" section of your syllabus to students are clearly aware of this requirement. This online proctoring service doesn't require students to schedule anything in advance; it's automated and available whenever a student is ready to take the exam.

If you would like to use Respondus Monitor in your course and need help setting it up, reach out to Sierra Adare-Tasiwoopa api in the CTLE for assistance.

Grant Updates
  • The INBRE grant proposal submitted by Zach Woydziak (Chemistry) and Aster Sigel (LAS Undergraduate Research Director) was approved; NSC will receive $500,000 over the next year to expand student research in STEM.
  • Five undergraduates (Jaelene Salcido, Dimyana Shonoda, Amanda Ecret, Ceonie Washington, and Carlos Arambula-Quintero) received INBRE UROP grants of $6,000 each to conduct mentored research. Drs. Sam Jewell (Biology), David Cooper (Chemistry) and Zach Woydziak will oversee the research and each received $1,000 to purchase research supplies.
  • PALS also received $13,600 to support four students - Alexis Green and Bethany Winton, and two students from CSN - participating in UNR's FLARE program through our campus; they will be mentored by Amber Howerton (Chemistry). The funding provides compensation and research supplies for the students.
  • Alex Kunkle (Advising Director) submitted a Nevada GEAR UP proposal. If funded, it will provide $42,000 to support an advisor and a range of activities for first-year GEAR UP students. Thank you to Christine Gonzalez, Stefanie Coleman, and Kevin Butler for their help with the proposal.

Summer Scholarship Institute (SSI)
Six faculty attended SSI this summer: Carol Lee (Psychology), Molly Appel (English), Vanessa Rodriguez-Barrera (Psychology), Christina Squires (Psychology), Michelle Region-Sebest (Business), and Alena Principato (Library). They made significant progress on their research projects, got a couple of revised manuscripts back out the door, completed IRB applications, peer reviewed one another's work, and completed a variety of other tasks for their individual projects. Thank you to all of the participants for making our first virtual SSI a success!

Virtual Farmer's Market, Take Two
Several of you pointed out the link I provided in the last newsletter is no longer active. You can access it directly here, or through the Garden Farms website.
Gregory Robinson
Class Modalities this Fall
We’ve been getting a few questions from students about how classes will be offered this fall. Here’s a flyer with some basic distinctions. If you are planning classes with an in-person component, remember that our general guideline (as of now) is to reduce the number of students in a classroom to no more than 50% of the room’s capacity. If you are planning to use a hybrid model where half the class attends on one day and half attends on another, make sure you are very clear about this in your syllabus because the dates on the class schedule may not make this model apparent for students.
Teaching Fellows Institute
Once again, our Teaching Fellows went above and beyond in their summer planning. This year, we did a slightly reduced cohort that focused entirely on online course design. I was glad to see that all of the participants cited our online course rubric, which provides a terrific blueprint for developing high-impact online courses. Congratulations to Christine Beaudry, Heather Lang, Amber Morczek, and Brian Martinelli for all their work – it was inspiring to see what they accomplished.

Peer Support Training August 10-14th
If you have student workers in your area, please save these dates and times for them: August 10th-August 14th from 9:45am-noon each day. We will be hosting an important training series for them, which includes topics such as helping other students, diversity and inclusion, and communicating effectively online. Keep your eye out for invitations this week.

Online Orientations
You would be amazed to see what our faculty are doing with online orientations this summer. Congratulations to Alicia LaMotte and her team of Peer Mentors for their pioneering efforts in this area. Our Nepantla Program also did a remarkable job with their online orientation, which featured a number of welcome videos from various units on campus.

ACUE Course in Online Teaching
We’re continuing to accept applications from fulltime faculty for this immersive training. If you are interested in helping us pilot this program, please apply by July 10th.
Stefanie Coleman
RSC Welcome Desk
Beginning July 1, the RSC Welcome Desk will be managed by Phil LaMotte, Director of Student Life. For the month of July, you may see a combination of friendly student workers, friendly RSC employees, and maybe a friendly Dean of Students. The welcome desk hours will be Monday through Wednesday 8:30am-5:00pm; Thursday 8:00 am-5:00 pm; and Friday, 9:00 am-12:00pm. Phil’s vision for this position is to turn that area into a resource hub for students who want to know about clubs and organizations, getting involved on campus, a place where students can ask other students for help, and a weekend resource for housing students and visitors to the campus.

DRC Updates
With the recent re-opening of campus, there are some changes to the DRC procedures that we’d like to make everyone aware of.

When Erin Keller informed me that Haas Automotive was donating $50,000 to the CARE Team to support students with COVID-19 related expenses, all I heard was $50,000, I thought I was dreaming. I kept repeating $50,000, giving Erin the opportunity to correct my hearing before I started doing cartwheels in the hallway (wearing my mask), but she kept repeating $50,000. IT'S TRUE!! NSC has a fabulous reputation in the community. Haas was directed to Erin and her awesome team by a pair of community leaders and the rest is history. Thank you Erin, Holley, Diana, and Cindy!
Face coverings, Social distancing, and Conduct
I’ve received a few phone calls from students relieved that face coverings are mandatory in the classrooms and in all NSC building but also concerned that their classmates may not follow the mandate. I think the Governor's mandate for face coverings in open public spaces will help us enforce this practice, but there may be a few individuals who choose to ignore it. First, we will be using all means of communication to inform students they must wear a face covering if they want to come to campus and use ANY of the services we provide. I’ve asked NSSA to create a series of public service announcements (PSAs) regarding social distancing and the proper use of face coverings. As leaders on campus, I am confident their example of following the rules may be more effective in the long run. I know some other colleges are hoping to make wearing a face covering fun and chic. They are planning to host contests, fashion shows, sessions on how to bedazzle your covering, etc….we can do cool stuff also. I’m working with Kevin Butler to have mini safety stations in every building just in case a student forgets his/her face covering at home or in their car. It’s going to happen, but we will have disposable masks available. As I have stated repeatedly to multiple stakeholders, I hope nothing rises to the level of a conduct sanction but there is misconduct related to endangering the health and safety of any member and/or guest of the College community, as well as ignoring a directive from a College official. Some great ideas have been shared with me from the NSHE Student Affairs Council members regarding de-escalation training and I will be working with a new NSC task force chaired by Eric Gililland that will also discuss enforcing our new campus mandates. I don’t think anyone wants to go back to Phase 1 or get sick. We can do this!

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be STATE!
Sandip Thanki
How does the funding formula work? In other words, how does NSHE arrive at a dollar amount to fund the institutions? The process begins with a report called "Taxonomy." After each semester, IR submits a data file consisting of individual enrollment records along with grades, residencies, and the last dates of attendance for each failing grade. The records with non-Nevada residencies, withdrawals, late/missing grades, and failing grades that happen due to attendance of less than 60% are not considered for funding. For the remaining records, student credits are multiplied using the weights (e.g. 1, 2) published here and the subject code and associated disciplines. These weighted student credit hours (WSCH) are added up for Summer (health science only), Fall, and Spring to come up with an annual number. Our total was around 157,000 WSCH for the year 2019-2020. We are funded based on a dollar amount (varying around 160) per weighted student credit hour.

Taxonomy is one of the nine reports that we submit to NSHE each semester. Last week, we completed and submitted our last report for the year. Although our amazing Data Warehouse is capable of producing these reports in no time, ensuring we have all our data (e.g. residencies, grades, last attendance dates) complete for optimal funding requires more time and attention..
Key Dates
7/10 - Final day to apply to ACUE
8/10-8/14 - Peer Support Training for Student Workers
8/24 - Fall classes begin
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