Dear RockstARs,

This update is long overdue, and we sincerely apologize for the delay. Truthfully, we had expected that the next time we reached out to you, it would be at the point when we had hit the launch button for this year's RockstAR. Now, we're at that awkward stage where there really isn't much new to say, but something should still be said...

As you've likely already gathered, we haven't yet opened registration for 2021, and we don't yet know when we will be able to. The list of reasons why is long, and full of variables beyond our control - they range from "okay, we can work around that" to full non-starters. As we know we don't need to explain further given the ongoing impact of this miserably uncooperative pandemic, we'll simply state the two truths that we CAN say for certain:

1) There will be a final edition of the RockstAR Adventure Race

2) We sincerely hope that it will be this year, but just can't yet say for sure.

Please know that we've been continuously working on a return-to-racing plan over the past many months - the core of which is outlined at Running responsibly-produced events is and always will be our highest priority, so if we are able to go ahead with this year's date, we'll be doing it in the safest manner possible.

The most noteworthy change we'll be making is to offer the 4 and 8-hour events on separate days over the course of the July 17-18 weekend. We'll also be hosting teams in two separate waves each day, each with pre-assigned starting times in 10-minute intervals. While we'll certainly miss the excitement of a mass start, team navigators will surely enjoy the freedom of attempting whichever checkpoints they choose by whichever discipline they wish, right off the start line!

Those teams that had their 2020 entries deferred will be given first choice of wave time, by way of a deferral confirmation form that will be issued prior to the opening of general registration. if this year's date cannot viably be made to work, all deferred entries from last year will of course be pushed ahead to 2022.

Above all else, we very much want you to know that we are 100% committed to delivering on the final edition of RockstAR - no matter when it may be. And being racers ourselves, we really, REALLY want to see us all enjoying race events again soon!

To better times ahead!

Your RockstAR Team
Sean & Heather