Monthly News & Updates from APTS JULY | 2021
When life gives you a hundred reasons to breakdown and cry,
show life that you have a million reasons to laugh and smile.
Some Fun Facts

July is National Blueberry Month & we Mainers take pride in our
Wild Maine Blueberries!

*Here are some RECIPES from Wyman's, a Maine-based, family-owned business and the leading growers of wild blueberries!

*What can Wild Blueberries do for you!? Learn more HERE on how native grown wild blueberries contribute to brain health!

*Why go WILD?
What's the difference between wild blueberries and regular blueberries?

Client Testimonial
What our clients are saying...
We love to hear how we can help create a difference in someone's day! Here's a recent example :)
"I just had a very helpful and supportive conversation with Diane Dubea, who then dropped off some books for me to read as caregiver. She also encouraged me to keep in touch and perhaps drop by as my husband and I live around the corner on Park Street. I will see how I can pull that off. Just being able to talk to someone who understands the situation is so comforting. Thank you so very much."
NEW Alzheimer's Drug: Beneficial or Controversial?

You may have seen that the first-of-it's-kind Alzheimer's drug expected to be used to slow the rate of cognitive decline was recently approved by the FDA. But as with everything, there are some 2 sides, including setbacks and pushbacks regarding this approval.

Read more below!
Take a moment to watch this uplifting story of a couple who fell in love again despite being amidst a battle of Alzheimer's Disease. A truly beautiful story showing how love conquers and for one moment in time, this couple was able to put all the stress, all the unknown and the fear behind them to ....
just be one.
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where we will connect with many others to share experiences and provide support!
We hope everyone has a safe & happy 4th of July!!!
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