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APRIL | 2021
Every spring is a new beginning, so take a deep breath, smile & start anew.
~ In The News ~
Experimental Alzheimer's Drug -- What do the early results reveal?
Founded in 2015, AlzAuthors is comprised of over 200 authors - and growing - sharing Alzheimer's and dementia stories via books, blogs and videos to light the way for others.
Their vision? To lift the silence and stigma of Alzheimer's and other dementias.

The APTS Cooking Corner
Looking for a quick meal option for Easter morning? Or maybe you just want to try something different! Well, this Spinach & Mushroom Quiche is sure to dazzle your tastebuds and can be offered for breakfast, lunch & dinner!! This easy and versatile meal will surely win the hearts of your family members--> Enjoy :)
Reminders & Community News

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As we look to the future, we would love to have your input. Any further questions, concerns or comments can be sent to
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The latest project from Bethany Village Senior Living located in Pennsylvania is in need of YOUR help! This project was created to help lift the spirits of the residents living in the facility who, like so many others have experienced this past year, could not have in-person visitors. So they started collecting postcards from all across the United States! Let's put Maine on their map :)
~ Additional Services ~
In need of some extra help?
Here are some
local options.

Chantel Brousseau 
(207) 337-0950

Kennebunk office 985-8550
York office is 363-6550

Comfort Keepers
Not sure which path to take?
Trying to figure out what is needed and how to coordinate that help can be hard and confusing at times, and Brianna is available to put it all together. Her nursing experience coupled with her genuine love of people, allows her to offer a unique service by working with patients and families to define what best care looks like for them.
FMI or to schedule a consult, contact Brianna
(207) 837-8354
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